John Baber

Teaches at General Assembly


Artist Bio:

John Baber has been exhibiting his work and curating shows in New York City since 2003. He is one the co-founders of the original JAVA studios in Brooklyn and has shown his work there along with ABC NO RIO, Local Project, and CENTRAL BOOKING. Curatorial projects include "The Urban Situation" at the Educational Alliance, "The Jersey Show," through The Art Student's League of New York, "Shangri-la" at the Factory in Long Island City for the LIC Open Arts Festival, and most recently, "The Freak Show" and "LOVE/HATE" co-curated with Carolina Penafiel at Local Project. His studio is based in LIC at the newly formed Departure Studios.

Artist Statement:

My collages are a visual diary of my explanations to the mysterious and inexplicable; some reflect my reaction to our current condition, that being one of trepidation and outrage. They are a record of a history that some would like us to forget. My current paintings act as indicators of these particular events, among other historical happenings and of another realm of fictional characters in an imagined universe, where as in the real world, we ask ourselves, "can they be trusted?

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