Ethan Barhydt

Teaches at General Assembly

Ethan Barhydt brings 4 years of experience building software products and working on early-stage startup teams. He cofounded 2 startups, at ages 19 and 21, while attending Harvard University, and raised $70,000 from angel investors for them. After graduating, he worked on an academic software product and felt frustrated by the limitations of using page views to measure user engagement. One day, after reading about Mixpanel’s rising status among tech giants like Uber and Airbnb in the New Yorker, he began experimenting with it himself and hasn’t looked back. Most recently, Ethan helped a budding music startup integrate Mixpanel to build their analytics power and tighten their conversion funnel to grow the number of paying customers.

Now, Ethan is an Associate Education Producer at General Assembly, where he produces user experience and web development courses. He also teaches front-end web programming at a charter school in Brooklyn.

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