Baily Hancock

Teaches at General Assembly

Baily Hancock is a sucker for a great collaboration with a talent for bringing people together to grow businesses and expand communities. Throughout her career, Baily has gravitated toward opportunities that have allowed her to combine her love of marketing, entrepreneurship, and building relationships in environments that value ingenuity, creativity, and innovation.
Baily joined OMD (aka the largest media agency in the world) in 2015 as a Manager within Ignition Factory, the innovations group at OMD. She leads the company’s early-stage startup/venture initiative, “[email protected]”, and is responsible for building a strategic network of new and emerging startup companies, VC funds, talent agencies, accelerators, and incubators for the purpose of collaboration and introduction of first-to-market partnerships with OMD’s Fortune 50 clients.
Prior to OMD, Baily worked on the Global Business Development team at General Assembly, a continuing education company for tech, business, and design skills. Baily focused on developing and managing marketing partnerships on behalf of five of GA’s fourteen global campuses to cultivate rapid community growth and company expansion. She’s always had an interest in startups, entrepreneurship, and new technology, which is what led to her acquiring an MBA with a focus on Entrepreneurship and Management from the University of South Florida prior to moving to Los Angeles.
In addition to her day job, Baily also teaches workshops to help people understand how to utilize partnerships to grow their communities and expand their businesses (keep an eye out for one coming up near you.) Oh, and in 2016 she's decided to write a book on finding career happiness without quitting your day job. Baily hates free time.
When she’s not schmoozing with the movers and shakers of Silicon Beach or educating the masses on how to rub elbows and make deals, Baily can be found volunteering in the community with the Santa Monica Jaycees, where she serves as the 2016 President. If you still can’t find her (she’s small, look down) check the local karaoke stages and photo booths.

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