Laura Kunigonis

Teaches at General Assembly

Laura Kunigonis is a Digital Nomad fostering business development and lifestyle changes from all over the world.

Having grown up back and forth between the US and Europe with two mechanical engineers as parents and one doctor as an older sister (yes, her family is fun at parties) for Laura, two things will forever be ingrained in her life: grit and travel.

She earned a degree in Economics from the University of Illinois and participated in research exploring the ties between migration and economic advancement in developing countries during her early career and later transitioned into business consulting for fortune 150 companies.

A few years into building up a repertoire of experience working on business development with clients of all sizes while living under the traffic-office-traffic grind, Laura decided to take the plunge into remote work in the hope that it would be the inspiration and productivity supercharge that she was looking for. Since then, she has been spearheading marketing for General Assembly’s Online team, doing freelance work with companies launching their own online programs, and being a consultant/speaker, all completely remotely.

When she isn’t on a video call with a client or running from terminal to terminal at your local airport, you can always find her sketching out her next piece of art.

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