I. Freaner, B. Horne, J. Silverman, C. Negron, S. Sprockett, D. Kennedy

Teaches at General Assembly

Ivan Freaner is an award winning Design Professional and Educator with over a decade of experience. He has honed his skills to bring innovative design and outstanding solutions in branding, UI/UX, Digital Media and Publishing, Motion Graphics and Design Education rooted in the mindset of independent creativity. Ivan caters to a diverse array of clients ranging from top brands to non-profits and government agencies. He is also a creative consultant for various agencies located in New York, San Diego, and Washington D.C.

Brockett Horne is a graphic designer who first learned of typography when examining billboards from the backseat of her parents station wagon along I-95 just outside of her hometown. She serves as chair of graphic design at Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore.

Josh Silverman is a designer, entrepreneur, educator, advisor, community builder, and eternal optimist. For 20 years he was the CEO of Schwadesign, a holocratic network of independent experts in brand identity design, content strategy, marketing, and engineering, where he curated and led custom teams of 2 to 25 to meet individual client needs, from startups to Fortune 500 international corporations, cities and national non-profits, artists and community orgs.

Chloe Negron is currently leading mobile product design at The Washington Post. She creates products with clean visuals, simple experiences, and emojis or gifs wherever possible. She sometimes creates illustrations for The Post as well.

Shawn Sprockett is a Principal Designer at Airbnb, Design Advisor to Axiom Zen, and a Lead Instructor at General Assembly. His work has spanned a wide breadth of industries over the last ten years, from Victoria's Secret to Google-backed startups. He has trained under legendary designers, like Milton Glaser and Stefan Sagmeister. He's also been a part of big business transformations like Conde Nast's shift to mobile publications and IBM's implementation of design-thinking at scale.

Dani Kennedy is a creative professional with a passion for taking concepts and bending them to her will to create an optimal experience for the end user. She has worked in both New York and San Francisco, for companies in the beauty, luxury, and design industries, including Estée Lauder and Pantone. She has also run her own studio, Lima Bean Creative, for more than a decade with clients large and small, including Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and Conde Nast. Dani studied design at the School of Visual Arts, the College of New Jersey, and New York University.

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