Jess Bell

Teaches at General Assembly

Jessica Bell is a self taught Front End developer at The Washington Post. She has a degree in International Relations from San Francisco Sate University and came to DC to get into diplomacy and internationalization of education… which naturally led to programming! After being assigned a website redesign project at her las job as Digital Media Coordinator at a German Foundation, she started self learning HTML, CSS, and WordPress. Fast forward through multiple online tutorials, MOOC’s, and FEWD herself, Jess landed a job as a junior dev. She is an active part of the leadership of DC FemTech, DC Tech Meetup, participates in the JavaScript Guild and Women Who Code Front End Hack Night, and in her free time is building a little web game with Angular. Outside of code, Jess loves to cook awesome dinner creations, impress her friends with her German language, make websites full of cats, and travel the world in search of the yummiest thing she can find.

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