Joseph Weaver

Teaches at General Assembly

With over five years of full-time development experience with Unity, Joe has used the platform to benefit our armed forces. He has worked for defense contractors as a lead developer, providing advancements in military simulators and develop virtual reality and augmented reality applications. 

He has used his extensive knowledge and experience with Unity to provide training to our military and government contracts, instructing them on use and application development. Though unity has been largely used as a game engine, its user base is starting to use these tool in model and simulation, construction and training for military modernization efforts. 

Joe Weaver currently works at J&F Alliance Group as their Chief Technology Officer, overseeing development of their applications and acting as lead Unity expert. Joe previously worked with Northrop Grumman and Huntington Ingalls. Joe graduated from Christopher Newport University where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Physics. Joe has a passion for teaching software developers, beginners to advanced, on the Unity game-engine. 

His successful entrepreneurship has helped guide developers into realizing their ideas, as well as setting them on the right business path to further their reach. Joe will continue to work, teach, and advocate for the Unity game-engine and greatly looks forward to training opportunities.

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