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Best Online InDesign Classes: Reviews, Ratings, and Comparison

Unlock the power of professional-grade publishing with Adobe InDesign. Learn the desktop tool that can help you create high-quality printed material and digital files ready for distribution.

Layout design

Anyone working in any business associated with printing, printed material, or digital printing and electronic files that involves having to convert those properties into PDFs or eBooks will benefit from learning Adobe InDesign. Adobe InDesign helps with producing professional-quality results for publishing material. Learning this desktop publishing tool can provide skills for producing professional grade printed work ready to be used for print or digital distribution.

Adobe InDesign is an industry-standard layout design tool used by Publishers for magazines, books, newspapers, and other media for page layouts and graphic designs, which can be used as well for creating digital documents like PDFs and eBooks.

InDesign is among the most popular publishing design applications used across several industries, including publishing, graphic design, and digital media. InDesign helps in streamlining the process for designing page layouts for books and magazines, providing a versatile and creative tool for various purposes. InDesign is available as part of Adobe’s array of integrated creative tools that facilitate developing page layouts for several different types of projects.

While Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop provide versatile, flexible tools for developing projects for varying purposes, InDesign provides a particular function–building page layouts. While InDesign had been created initially for traditional print media projects, the desktop publishing tool also functions efficiently in today’s digitally-saturated media landscape, including ePublishing, webpage designs, and social media. Publishers, editors, writers, and designers use InDesign for building page layouts for all types of projects, including journals, eBooks, brochures, business presentations, and restaurant menus. InDesign provides the tools for populating any project with the appropriate graphics, text, or interactive elements.

Adobe InDesign allows users to create design layouts for whatever they need. InDesign can be used for any type of print or digital layout, including prototyping webpages and web applications for Web Designers, who can use the tool for adding text, color, or images with layouts for helping them visualize ideas for a web design. InDesign allows users to create templates or replicate pages for streamlining the design process.

InDesign can also be used to create material for noncommercial or personal projects like posters, infographics, or flyers for promoting events. A small business, a community organization, or even a band might use InDesign for putting together promotional material that has a professionally-done graphic appeal.

Among the greatest benefits with InDesign is that the application integrates with other software available in the Adobe Creative Cloud. Anyone with experience in Photoshop, Illustrator, or After Effect can seamlessly assimilate any of their work from those programs into an InDesign layout design. Photos or illustrations can be edited or created in Photoshop or Illustrator before being incorporated into InDesign to populate the layout.

Leaning InDesign skills will help designers, writers, and editors work together on projects by allowing them to coordinate content. InDesign allows Editors to manage content or let Designers focus on the design as Writer works on a different part of the same document simultaneously.

The 10 Best Online InDesign Classes

  1. Noble Desktop—InDesign Bootcamp (Live Online and In-Person)
  2. ONLC Training Centers—Adobe InDesign Core Skill: Level 1 (Live Online and In-Person)
  3. Ledet Training—Adobe InDesign 101 Training Course (Live Online)
  4. Future Media Concepts—Introduction to InDesign CC (Live Online)
  5. Certstaffix Training—Adobe InDesign CC (Live Online)
  6. Lumenbrite—InDesign: Bootcamp (Live Online)
  7. Digital Workshop Center—Adobe InDesign Bootcamp (Live Online)
  8. headTrix, Inc.—InDesign Level 1 (Live Online)
  9. LANTEC Corporate Training—Adobe InDesign CC (Live Online)
  10. Platform Training—Introduction to Adobe InDesign (Live Online)

#1: Noble Desktop—InDesign Bootcamp (Live Online and In-Person)

Students can enroll at Noble Desktop for the Adobe InDesign Bootcamp to gain an understanding of the desktop publishing application for creating page layouts using type and graphics professionally. This course starts off with lessons focused on the basics before moving on to intermediate and advanced functions and features. Publishers, editors, writers, and designers work with InDesign on a variety of projects that include books, eBooks, magazines, and online publishing. Training includes lessons on several paragraph and character styles, color selection, master pages, baseline grid, hyphenation, and tables among several functions.

This course provides comprehensive training for InDesign that includes creating page layouts that include text, graphics, and multiple pages. Students will learn how to style text, import photos, insert graphics, define and use colors, add multiple pages, and thread text frames.

During this course, students will train working hands-on with several projects, including books, magazines, and advertising. Lessons will include learning to master letter creation, advanced word processing, formatting, and libraries. Students will also learn fundamental techniques in professional typesetting. Upon completing this course, students will be able to package files for printing or generating PDFs for print or online purposes.

Key Information

This course costs $975, which is due before the start of the class. The Adobe InDesign Bootcamp provides 18-hours of training with a small class size through hands-on projects taught by expert-instructors using workbooks produced by Noble Desktop. Participants can take advantage of a free retake for the course available within a year of initial enrollment. Graduates receive a verified digital certificate after completing the course.

Live online courses provide access to lectures using Zoom, which allows students to receive the same level of education that they would get from sitting inside a classroom. Noble Desktop helps students set up their remote environment at no extra cost.

Prerequisite: Other than encouraging students to be comfortable with using computers, there are no prerequisites.

More Details

As an online course, this class is available to anyone with Internet access who is able to use a computer, tablet, or smartphone. This live online course provides access to recordings for each class session through the student portal within one business day following the lecture. These recordings are available for one (1) month following that specific class session.

#2: ONLC Training Centers—Adobe InDesign Core Skills Level 1 (Live Online and In-Person)

Students can enroll at ONLC Training Centers for the Adobe InDesign Core Skills: Level 1 course. This program provides training for the desktop publishing application that includes learning how to use tools and panels, importing photos and graphics, and creating page layouts for various purposes. In this course, students will learn how to set up complex documents as well as master pages, guides, grids, and placeholders. Students will also learn how to format text and paragraphs, create and apply paragraph and character styles, set up documents, and save document presets. Training includes learning how to navigate and zoom in and out of layouts.

With skill for designing professional-looking layouts using InDesign, students will be able to create text frames, graphic frames, and place text content and images. With knowledge in Adobe InDesign, publishers, editors, writers, and designers can set up complex documents using master pages, guides, grids, and placeholders. InDesign allows users to add, rearrange, or delete pages using the Pages panel function.

Upon completing this course, students will know how to apply color to design elements, create custom colors, and work with swatches and gradients. They will also know the correct use for different color modes, how to find and change missing fonts, check spelling, and work with graphics.

Key Information

This live online course cost $795 for a two-day class session.

Prerequisite: This course requires basic computer and file management skills. Students must be able to locate, copy and open files, create folders and be able to arrange, re-size, minimize and maximize application windows. They must also be able to start and exit programs, use multiple programs simultaneously, and switch between open programs.

More Details

ONLC Center Training courses are led by remote instructors who are not in the same room as their student but teach these classes live online with participants having the option of using ONLC’s up-to-date computer labs.

#3: Ledet Training—Adobe InDesign 101 Training Course (Live Online)

People may be interested in the Adobe InDesign 101 Training Course available through Ledet Training. This course focuses on training beginner-level students on the fundamentals for InDesign. This two-day course trains individuals in using the desktop publishing tool to create professional page layouts for both single page and multi-page documents. This program introduces participants to the techniques and tools for both print and digital publishing. Students will train using the current version of InDesign for designing and publishing content for print, online, or digital purposes. Training includes learning type controls, graphics files management, layers, style sheets, proper document setup, productivity shortcuts, and best practices. Adobe certified expert instructors teach students using hands-on exercises with real-world tasks in a step-by-step procedure. Ledet Training regularly updates this course for training students on the latest features available with Adobe InDesign CC.

Key Information

This virtual learning course costs $899 for a two-day class session.

Prerequisites: Students should have a strong working knowledge of Mac and Windows operating systems. Students should also have access to the Adobe InDesign software before beginning the course by either purchasing InDesign or participating in a free trial version from Adobe.

More Details

Ledet Training’s virtual learning courses provide hands-on training that is convenient for people who would like to gain new skills but don’t have the time between a tight work schedule and other obligations.

Ledet offers returning students unlimited retakes throughout the current release version for whatever application they are enrolled to learn. However, there is a $100 registration and administrative fee required for all retakes. The fee does not include new course materials or books, which must be purchased separately.

#4: Future Media Concepts—Introduction to InDesign CC (Live Online)

Future Media Concepts offers the Introduction to InDesign CC course, a three-day program taught on weekdays that trains beginning students in the fundamentals for the desktop publishing application. Training includes establishing an InDesign Workspace, creating and designing pages for print or digital purposes, and using InDesign in several capacities. InDesign helps publishers, editors, writers, and designers in learning about Control Panels, document layouts, and control bars. Students will also learn how to use Adobe InDesign for working seamlessly with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator into a single, integrated environment that contributes to any organization's creative process. Participants will train through instructor-led demonstrations and hands-on projects. This course provides new learners with an overview of the interface, the tool, the features, and production tips for page layout and design using InDesign. Upon completing this course, students will have knowledge for creating new documents, working with master pages, placing and linking graphics frames, managing color, creating and formatting tables, and printing and exporting documents.

Key Information

This live online course costs $1,495 for a three-day training session.

Prerequisites: Students should have experience with computers and a basic understanding of Mac and Windows operating systems. Students should also have experience with Photoshop.

More Details

Future Media Concepts provides technical training in several areas related to digital media and technology with courses available in five different languages.

#5: Certstaffix Training—Adobe InDesign CC (2023) Course (Live Online)

Certstaffix Training offers the Adobe InDesign CC (2023) Course that provides students with step-by-step training in key techniques for the desktop publishing software. The course teaches participants through real-world projects for learning fundamental and advanced functions and features associated with Adobe InDesign. This training helps learners build a foundation in knowledge for typography, page layouts, and document construction. Lessons also include creating effects with layers and transparency as well as working with images from Adobe Photoshop and line drawings from Adobe Illustrator.

One area of training with InDesign is Workspace, which is the application’s tool for creating and publishing professional-looking documents. Workspace enables users to combine text, images, shapes, and graphics to create appealing layouts using advanced features such as master pages, object styles, layers, tables of contents, interactive buttons and forms, footnotes, cross-references, and hyperlinks when creating content. Publishers use InDesign for working with printed material like books and magazines or digital publications, including blogs and eBooks.

This course is beneficial for everyone from beginners to experienced publishers, editors, writers, and designers to create professional-looking projects for printing, websites, and social media.

Key Information

This course costs $1330 for a three-day class session.

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites.

More Details

Certstaffix Training offers virtual learning taught live by instructors, which allows students to learn from the comfort of home, work, or whatever they choose to access the lectures.

One student who had taken the Adobe InDesign CC Course from Certstaffix Training commented, “Our instructor was really kind, open to students asking questions and SUPER knowledgeable. She was my instructor for my Illustrator course as well and I hope to have her as my instructor for future courses. Really a wonderful experience for both classes. Thank you Abby!” – Shayna R.

#6: Lumenbrite—InDesign Training: Bootcamp (Live Online) 

Individuals can enroll at Lumenbrite for the InDesign Training: Bootcamp to gain skills with the desktop publishing application for help with projects in various areas. This course trains students from beginner-level to intermediate knowledge in Adobe InDesign for creating professional looking layouts with projects ranging from flyers to journals to eBooks. Instructors teach participants about how to use text, graphics, colors, and typography with InDesign. Students will learn how to use master pages, paragraph and character styles, and quick keys for increasing efficiency with publishing projects. 

Training includes lessons for importing and exporting files, working with tables or graphics within tables as well as integrating with Illustrator and Photoshop on projects. Instructors train students in best practices for previewing and exporting high and low-resolution PDFs for avoiding difficulties when using InDesign. The course provides lessons on learning how to preview files using separations with transparency effects. Upon completing this course, students will be able to create layouts that adhere to professional design standards.

Key Information

This live online course costs $1,595 for a four-day training session.

Prerequisites: Students should have knowledge of Mac or Windows operating systems.

More Details

With this course, participants will receive student courseware and class projects, a conversion tools bookmark, and a Adobe InDesign Course Certificate (upon completion).

This course can help students with preparing for Adobe certification exams, including the Adobe Certified Professional credential.

#7: Digital Workshop Center—Adobe InDesign Bootcamp (Live Online)

Individuals have the option to enroll at the Digital Workshop Center, which offers the Adobe InDesign Bootcamp. This bootcamp provides immersive training for the desktop publishing layout application. Expert instructors train students through hands-on projects for making InDesign functions easier to grasp. These instructors work closely with students to help them learn to avoid common mistakes by developing good habits through applying best practices. 

The Adobe InDesign Bootcamp trains students in how to create complex layouts for proficient and productive results with work in publishing. Publishers, editors, writers, and designers use InDesign for working on longer documents such as magazines and books as well as developing more complex layouts. Bootcamps provide an immersive and accelerated learning environment designed to mimic what the student may face working in the publishing industry. 

Upon completing this course, students will be able to work with analog and digital publishing tools for applying design elements to a composition using solid design principles. This includes learning how to set up a document for working with pages, advanced techniques for editing text, working with typography, and printing and exporting documents.

Key Information

This live online course costs $1,915 for a 38-hour training session.

Prerequisites: This program requires basic digital literacy such as navigating a windows environment, managing files and folders, browsing the Internet, and managing computer storage. Students must also purchase and install the Adobe Creative Cloud before beginning the class. 

More Details

This course is eligible for credit towards the Digital Workshop Vocational Certificate Programs, which includes career counseling. This bootcamp includes 1-on-1 job search and resume writing assistance from career coaches. The Adobe InDesign Bootcamp program includes one month of support following the course and a year for a free re-take of the class.

#8: headTrix, Inc.—InDesign Level 1 (Live Online)

People can attend headTrix, Inc., which offers the InDesign Level 1 course for learning the basics with creating and editing page layouts and learning about working with type and graphics along with applying color, creating two-page layouts, preparing files for printing, and exporting documents into PDFs. This course trains students in how to create professional layouts, including business cards, magazines, pamphlets, and eBooks. Participants will learn how to flow text around images, style and format text, add multiple pages, page numbers, titles as well as several color and typography concepts for use in an InDesign Workspace. Students will also learn how to work with master pages, paragraph and character styles for building layouts quickly and efficiently. 

Upon completing this course, students will be able to create magazine layouts, import graphics, add text, create multiple columns, flow text, typography, layers, and master pages. Participants will learn how to work with frames, adjust images and graphics, and convert frames as well as how to scale and rotate. 

For example, a restaurant could use InDesign for creating menus by inserting text, graphics, and formatting fonts with style sheets.

Key Information

This live online course costs $595 for a two-day training session.

Prerequisite: Prospective students must have basic file management skills with both PC and Mac computers.

More Details

Here are a few testimonials from students who have completed the headTrix, Inc InDesign Level 1 course:

“The trainees report that Warren did a great job and they feel very confident they can do what they need to do with the program [InDesign]. Thanks!” –Erica G. 

“The training (InDesign) was great. I love Chana, she is amazing. I was able to get a lot of information and learned a ton from her in the period of time we had. I am very interested in Photoshop and Illustrator because it seems they all work together and what we are trying to achieve will require those programs.” –Amber B.

“My headTrix training really was excellent. David was obviously expert with Framemaker, as well as InDesign (which is what we currently use). It was helpful that he was so familiar with both programs because he seemed to understand my mindset. He was very accommodating in addressing some of my specific concerns with regard to our Company’s publications, but without deviating significantly from our itinerary. My concerns about live online training were alleviated after just a few hours. I realized that watching and listening to a seasoned-user was as valuable as a classroom experience.” –L. Allen.

#9: LANTEC Corporate Training—Adobe InDesign (Live Online)

People may be interested in attending LANTEC Corporate Training, which offers Adobe InDesign CC, which trains students in the fundamentals for operating the desktop publishing application. This two-day course provides entry-level training for Adobe InDesign that includes lessons on advanced features and collaboration tools associated with the software. Training focuses on print and digital media publishing that includes helping students prepare for the Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) exam. 

The first day covers getting started with InDesign by designing a document, formatting characters and paragraphs, working with page elements, building tables, and preparing a document for delivery. 

The second day of training focuses on preparing documents for multiple formats, managing advanced page elements, managing styles, building complex paths, importing external files, importing text variables, handling long documents, publishing InDesign files from other platforms, and customizing print settings.

LANTEC Corporate Training provides technical training in several areas of technology through a variety of two-day training programs.

Key Information

This live online course costs $700 for a two-day training session.

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this course.

More Details

This course prepares students for the Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) exam and covers material related to the Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) exam.

Here is a testimonial from a student who has completed LANTEC Corporate Training’s Adobe InDesign CC course: “As always, Ryan did an outstanding job! He leaves little room for questions as he is extremely thorough with his instruction!”

#10: Platform Training—Introduction to Adobe InDesign (Live Online)

People have the option of enrolling at Platform Training, which offers Introduction to Adobe InDesign. This single-day entry-level course trains students in using the desktop publishing application. Through this course, students will be able to create several types of documents using Adobe InDesign. This introductory course teaches participants who have no experience with any desktop publishing software. Students can attend this course online through Zoom. 

Introduction to Adobe InDesign provides training for managing and designing documents, formatting text, learning typography, color management, utilizing colors and swatches, managing transparency, graphics, and effects. 

Adobe InDesign sets the industry-standard in desktop publishing for Publishers, Editors, Writers, Designers, and Marketers for producing appealing and professional-looking single and multi-page documents. Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to create and prepare documents for print or exporting as PDFs. This course is designed to prepare students for work in publishing by teaching them about professional layouts, text formatting, color and typography management, incorporating graphics, and applying effects.

Key Information

This live online course costs $179 for a single-day training session.

Prerequisites: Students must possess basic skills with PC or Mac computers.

More Details

Platform Training courses have a small class size of around four.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of online InDesign classes?

Students can find live online training courses or on-demand classes for learning Adobe InDesign. The advantage of taking an on-demand class is that students can learn at their own pace, on their own time. 

There are also free tutorials and videos available for gaining initial skills with Adobe InDesign.

What will I need for an online InDesign class?

Generally, students training online for Adobe InDesign will need to have a computer and an Internet connection. Additionally, possessing knowledge in HTML and CSS or other programming languages could also be helpful. Some schools also require students to have licensed access to the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Can I learn InDesign online for free?

For people who don’t feel quite ready to take on a full-time or part-time Adobe InDesign course, there are free training options available from various online education providers. This includes Noble Desktop, which offers a free Intro to Adobe InDesign seminar, Coursesity, which offers free InDesign online courses, MakeUseOf, which offers Teach Yourself Adobe InDesign for Free, Udemy, which offers Adobe InDesign Made Easy, and CoursesFree, which has the free Learn Adobe InDesign seminar. These types of classes allow beginning students to learn the basic functions associated with InDesign by providing a good foundation for future training.

Is it better to learn InDesign in a live or self-paced class?

Live online courses provide an option for gaining skills with Adobe InDesign that a person would get from sitting inside a classroom without having to leave home to attend a classroom somewhere else.

The benefit of on-demand training is that it allows people to learn at their own pace, on their own time, which provides an extremely flexible scheduling option.

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