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How to Learn InDesign: 5 Effective Learning Methods You Need to Know

Are you looking to learn Adobe InDesign? Look no further - there are a variety of options to choose from, ranging from in-person classes to free online video tutorials!

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Anyone wanting to gain skills in Adobe InDesign has several options. The most common methods for learning are in-person classes and live virtual learning courses that both provide students with training from expert instructors, which also allows them to ask questions and get answers in real-time. In addition to those popular methods of learning, students can also choose on-demand courses that allow for flexibility with scheduling, or they can select from a variety of free seminars and free online video tutorials. Whether someone chooses to learn by sitting inside a classroom or opts for live online training without having to leave home for learning, students can take advantage of several methods for gaining skills with Adobe InDesign.

Enroll in In-Person InDesign Classes

While there are live online Adobe InDesign courses available, some people would simply prefer learning inside a classroom with a teacher standing right there in front of them. For those individuals, there are schools throughout the country that offer in-person courses for learning InDesign.

For instance, individuals living in Boston can enroll at Ledet Training, located at 35 Middlesex Turnpike in nearby Billerica, Massachusetts, which offers the Adobe InDesign 101 Training Course, a two-day program that costs $899. This class trains students in the basics for creating and editing page layouts with lessons on type, graphics, applying color, creating two-page layouts, preparing files for printing, and exporting documents into PDFs.

Attend Live Online InDesign Classes

While many people look forward to picking up new skills related to technology for help with starting a new career, getting back out into traffic to find a classroom somewhere after a long day at work might not be as desirable. Live online courses can give anyone interested training options for getting the same level of education they would receive from sitting inside a classroom without having to get back out on the road.

For example, Noble Desktop offers live online Adobe InDesign classes that provide hands-on training with the desktop publishing application used for creating page layouts and designs for books, ads, and magazines. Students also have the option of enrolling in the Adobe InDesign Bootcamp for learning how to style text, import photos and graphics, define and use color, add multiple pages, and thread text frames.

Sign Up for On-Demand Online InDesign Classes

Individuals can take advantage of training options other than sitting inside a classroom or taking a live online course for learning about functions and features available from using Adobe InDesign. For instance, Noble Desktop provides options for learning more about the desktop publishing applications that includes choices for on-demand learning. Unlike live online courses, on-demand classes allow students to learn new skills at their own pace, on their own time.

Noble Desktop offers on-demand Adobe InDesign training that can help people who are looking for tips on basic operation or knowledge about the desktop publishing software’s advanced functions.

Watch Free InDesign Tutorials

While some people may be interested in taking courses for learning about the features and functions associated with Adobe InDesign, which is considered the industry-standard for desktop publishing applications, they may be hesitant about the costs of taking a class. There are free options available for learning the basics for InDesign, which helps users with designing page layouts for developing books, magazines, newspapers, and ads for print and digital distribution.

Individuals’ work schedules, financial circumstances, or other obligations might not allow them to afford enrollment in courses for training, but Noble Desktop offers the free Intro to Adobe InDesign seminar that provides a good initiation with the application with lessons on graphics, text, and how to output a design for printing or creating PDFs. However, there are other free options available for anyone interested in learning about the desktop publishing software. Noble Desktop offers other free seminars, blogs, and YouTube video tutorials.

Explore InDesign Certificates & Certification

A strong training option for advancing any career would be enrolling in a certificate program. Certificate programs provide detailed training in several disciplines that usually take weeks or months to complete. Certificate programs can prepare students with training that allows them to immediately move into their new careers by arming them with skills for working in a specific discipline. Several online education providers offer certificate programs in various areas of expertise.

It should be noted that certificate programs are not the same as a certification, which is a verification for skills in a specific discipline typically accomplished through passing exams. While certificate programs are not the same as certifications, enrolling in a certificate program can provide help with passing certification exams. For instance, Noble Desktop offers the Graphic Design Certificate program, which includes training for Adobe InDesign along with Photoshop and Illustrator for a comprehensive education in Adobe Creative Cloud design software.

An example of a certification program would be the Adobe Certified Professional InDesign Certification, which validates its graduates’ knowledge in the desktop publishing application for working professionally in creating page layouts and designs for various industries and media.

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