R. Lui, S. Matar, N. Peterson, V. Brathwaite, J Reynolds & Z. Guiraudon

Teaches at General Assembly

Ron Lui
Ron is an Experience Designer turned teacher and mentor. Over the past 3 years, he has been nurturing students through GA's immersive UX courses. Dozens of students have passed through his classroom who are now active in the industry, facilitating workshops with users and stakeholders, distilling research insights, and crafting meaningful prototypes.

Ron's UX history spans a variety of industries including sleep healthcare, personal and commercial banking, financial investment, councils, IT services, and emergency management. He has worked heavily as a consultant and with in-house product development alike, giving students a spectrum of experience to draw from.

Ron's classes are usually accompanied with odd sound effects and impromptu karaoke mad-libs. Ron's alter ego volunteers with the NSW State Emergency Service. You may find him running around in operations centres, or cutting up trees in the rain.

Sharif Matar
Sharif Matar is a digital design lead who has built software and digital products used by millions of people worldwide.

Sharif is currently a lead instructor at General Assembly in Los Angeles. Earlier, he was a Senior Designer with SADA Systems (Google Cloud Partner) and NBCUniversal (acquired by Comcast).

Prior to teaching, Sharif worked in various roles in the creative and new media content space. His commercial experience includes hands-on content strategy, UI animation, and UX design for the private and public sectors. Today, he works with some of the most recognizable brands and innovators to build seamless interactive digital products using human-centered design principles.​

Sharif's complete resume and recommendations are available on LinkedIn.

Neil Peterson
Neil is a digital product designer with an academic background in computer science and cultural anthropology and specializes in human-computer interaction (HCI) and user experience (UX). He holds a B.A. in anthropology and women's studies from the University of Iowa and an M.S. in HCI from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He has worked with organizations such as: AT&T; Carestream Dental; and 3 different design agencies.

Vincent Brathwaite
In 1997, Vincent J. Brathwaite began his design career by working as a product design intern. He spent over 20 years studying and working as a multi-disciplinary designer in the areas of UX design, Visual Design, Industrial Design, and Branding. He studied Industrial Design at RISD (Rhode Island School of Design), Product and Graphic Design at Strate College in France, Product Development at MIT, Project Management at General Assembly, and UX Design at The Futur.

As an instructor for General Assembly in Los Angeles and New York, Vincent has taught over 200 adults Visual Design and UX Design. Many of them are now designers at companies such as Google, American Express, Prudential Financial, Spotify and more.

Jason Reynolds
Jason Reynolds is a UX leader, consultant, and educator. He first took a job with the title of Information Architect in 1999. In the years since, Jason has worked on his own and with various companies large and small to solve business problems and build delightful online experiences. He has maintained his own consulting practice for the last seven years. Most recently, he held a full-time role as the Director of User Experience for TradeMark Media for two and half years.

Before relocating to Boston, Jason taught with General Assembly in Austin, TX. He was an active member of the Austin UX community, serving on the board of Austin UXPA, and volunteering at hackathons among other UX events. Jason is passionate about user experience and process improvement. He is excited to share his knowledge and experiences with others - especially those new to the field of UX.

Zoé Guiraudon
Zoe started her career as a digital marketer specialised in Branding in Social Media. She always considered herself a problem solver, which brought her to UX Design. She chose General assembly to make the big transition. Having experience in education and running workshops, she decided to stick around at GA to be part of the instructor team of multiple UX immersive courses, as well as GA's very first UX 1-week immersive course.

Zoe is currently a UX Designer for 100 Shapes and works full time on a Technology Modernisation Project for ITV. Her passion for the design process and the education part of UX help her everyday to inject collaborative and user-centred design thinking into big organisations like ITV.

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