Ritwik Bhatia

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Ritwik Bhatia is a Business Intelligence Analyst at Wood Partners, a luxury real estate developer and property management firm, where he is leading a full-scale implementation of the Domo BI Platform. As he works closely alongside the finance, asset management, and marketing departments, Ritwik aims to cement Wood Partners as a data-driven leader in an industry largely lagging behind the analytics trend.

In his previous role at Search Discovery, an Atlanta-based digital analytics agency, Ritwik was involved in a number of data strategy and data literacy projects, as well as Domo and tag management system implementations.

Ritwik is a graduate of The University of Pennsylvania, where he completed a Bachelor of Arts in Biology. Although having pivoted away from the medical field and into the world of analytics, Ritwik has stayed in touch with his science background through his work as a Senior Instructor at ExamKrackers, a leading MCAT test prep company. As an R-aficionado and a believer in the unparalleled capabilities of predictive analytics in the retail and financial space, he looks forward to extending his passion for teaching and working with motivated students to the General Assembly community.

Ritwik is currently pursuing a Master of Sciences degree in Analytics from Georgia Tech, where he also serves as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for an Introduction to Analytics Modeling course. In his free time, he enjoys watching films, writing macabre screenplays, and listening to any of Drake’s impeccable (in his mind) albums.

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