Art Studios @ JCC in Manhattan

Upper West Side, New York, New York
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Our mission:

Together with our community, JCC Manhattan creates opportunities for people to
connect, grow, and learn within an ever-changing Jewish landscape.

Our vision:

JCC Manhattan imagines Jewish life that is diverse and engages meaningfully with
its values, culture, and ideas in our everyday lives.

Our values:

  • We’re committed to redefining what Jewish life means today.
  • We serve as a model of what’s possible in the ever-evolving and diverse Jewish community, incubating innovative programs that are shared nationally.
  • We’re dedicated to the well-being of everyone in our community.  As people in our community seek out opportunities to grow physically, intellectually, and spiritually, we’re dedicated to helping them reach their full potential.
  • We have a broad and inclusive view of Jewish life and family.  There are multiple ways to live in a community. The experiences we offer invite everyone to explore what it means to be part of that community.
  • We take responsibility for one another. Our community is bound by a shared commitment to a better,fairer world, which we put into practice every day, giving back and supporting each other through meaningful actions.
  • We take pride in our culture. Whether celebrating Jewish holidays, exploring new ideas, or engaging with the arts, the growth of a community relies on its access to culture.
  • We believe in accessibility. We strive to create an inclusive and accommodating environment for people of different backgrounds and abilities with opportunities for growth and connection.
  • We are deeply connected to Israel.  Our community connects to Israel through its sights, sounds, history, and complexity. We embrace the challenge of weaving our relationships with Israel into our diverse Jewish identities.

What are some of your most popular classes that you offer on CourseHorse? 
Our shoemaking classes, watercolor, jewelry, ceramics and silk painting classes tend to be most popular. 

How long have you been in business? Can you share a bit more about your history? 
The JCC art studios have been business for 14 years this 2016. The JCC was created as a community center to serve the needs of the community, and part of that was ensuring the community have space to feel welcome being creative. The art studios have been here since the building opened and have been a huge part of countless community members lives. 

What is your average class size?  
Our jewelry classes are maximum eight, our painting/drawing classes are a maximum of 10, and our ceramics classes are a maximum of 10. 

What is your typical student like? What are their goals?  
Our students are typically those who want to find a creative outlet in a warm, welcoming community. It is as much a social and community experience as it is an art class. We have students of all types, but I think for the most part their goals are to learn something new, have a great time, find and express their creativity and find a community that is welcoming and non-competitive. 

Can you recommend activities to do in the neighborhood before or after class? 
The JCC is located on the Upper West Side, which hosts tons of bars and restaurants, the beacon theatre, and lots of shopping, as well as the American Museum of Natural History and the New York History Society.

Reviews of Art Studios @ JCC in Manhattan

(260 Reviews)

Colette W.

Attended: Basics of Painting and Drawing:(All Levels) Trial Class

Loved this class! Instructor was very informative and inspiring. But why can't I sign up again without it being a series?


Attended: Cold Connected Constructions

Class was more suited to an intermediate to an advanced learner/designer rather than a beginning jewelry designer.

Hannah P.

Attended: Pottery Wheel (Beginner)

Lee is an incredible teacher! Great class for true beginners. Made some cute pieces :)

Carol B.

Attended: Soldering Intensive

The expertise and passion of the teacher was incredibly motivating!!

Stefanie R.

Attended: Wax Carving for Cast Jewelry

I take this class all the time - love it!

Sidnie J.

Attended: Shoemaking (Beginner)

I love, love this class. Emily is an amazing instructor and I've made the best looking shoes.

Delmar T.

Attended: Shoemaking (Beginner)

Emily Putterman, our instructor is a cordwainer par excellence!!! She always come thru with solutions to help us realize the creations we imagine. This is a remarkable accomplishment since we are without the requisite shoemaking skills but with her encouragement and inspiration we will walk proud in our newly make kick-ass shoes.

carezza m.

Attended: Painting On Silk (Intensive)

I enjoyed this class immensely. Suzanne is a wonderful teacher.

Tiffany P.

Attended: Painting On Silk (Intensive)

I loved the teacher and the group of students. The class was small and the supplies were excellent. The teacher provided visual materials for inspiration as well as demonstration and feedback tailored to the individual students' needs and desires. The class was a total pleasure and I hope to take it again sometime!


Attended: Creative Painting (All Levels)

Fun, but I wish there were a bit more guidance.

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Art Studios @ JCC in Manhattan
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