Pioneer Works

Life Skills
Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York
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Pioneer Works is a center for research and experimentation in contemporary culture.

Through a broad range of educational programs, performances, arts and science residencies, and exhibitions, Pioneer Works seeks to transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries, foster community, and provide a space where alternative modes of thought are supported and activated in tangible ways.

The organization was founded in 2012 by artist Dustin Yellin and is located in a 25,000-square-foot manufacturing warehouse in Red Hook, Brooklyn. After an extensive renovation, the facility now houses artist studios, exhibition and performance spaces, a science lab, a recording studio, and other spaces as needs arise. The floor plan is open and flexible, encouraging a transparent, collaborative environment where international artists, musicians, scientists and educators can co-exist and create together.

Entry to Pioneer Works’ main exhibition space and artist-in-residence studios are free and open to the public Wednesday through Sunday, noon to 6 p.m. Tours are available upon request.

Pioneer Works is a non-profit 501(c)(3).

Reviews of Pioneer Works

(120 Reviews)


Attended: Indigo Dye with Bassen Technique

I really love the class! Thank you!

Hayley F.

Attended: Collected Images: Collage + The Book Form

Great class! Christine kept me challenged and inspired and was very well organized with her instruction and materials. Pioneer Works provided a great space to get messy!


Attended: Solar Powered Art

This class was more technical, and at times, challenging than I was expecting. You will create 2 pieces that act as batteries. That means, lots of soldering and building electric circuits, which I wasn't prepared for! (what was I thinking?). So, expect more technical stuff and less creativity (although there is room for it too). I definitively struggled, but I am glad I stuck to it. I walked away with 2 finished pieces - both work!! - and a lot more knowledge about solar panels and building my own kinetic pieces. The teacher was great, very attentive and encouraging. Since everyone worked at their own pace, instructions could get a little chaotic and hard to follow, but Alex was always there to catch us up.

Karen S.

Attended: Sashiko Stitching Master Class


rebeca R.

Attended: Florentine Paper Marbling

This class was very good. Fiona had an excellent command of the subject and the atmosphere at Pioneer Works is always fun and easy going. The class was small and we were able to make many lovely marbled prints.

Theo G.

Attended: Lock Picking: Open-Source Security

lockpicking class was okay. a diagram would have helped

Julia R.

Attended: Motion Graphics: Adobe After Effects

Exactly what I was looking for

bahar a.

Attended: Motion Graphics: Adobe After Effects

It was really helpfull! Thank you for that workshop.


Attended: Motion Graphics: Adobe After Effects

teacher went too fast. asked if we had questions but answered as if she didnt want questions. pushed to get thru material.

Jennifer K.

Attended: Introduction to Solar Power

Worth the money. Informative and a great jumping off point to learn more about solar energy as well as electrical circuits and batteries. The instructor was very knowledgeable not bad to look at. Overall a good experience.

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159 Pioneer St, Brooklyn, New York 11231
Pioneer Works
Red Hook, Brooklyn
159 Pioneer St
Btwn Van Brunt & Conover Streets
Brooklyn, New York 11231

Teachers at Pioneer Works

Kim Yun Abigail Zealey Bess Adam Stennett Adam Brozowski & Adrienne Weidert Adriana Atema Alex Nathanson Alex Nathanson Alex Nathanson & Patrick Costello Alexis Gambis Alfred Stadler Alina Tenser Amy Valens Amy Lawless Amy Cunningham & Bethany Tabor Andrew Kern Anna Scime and Liz Flyntz Annie Ewaskio Antenes Anthony Titus Anya Kamenetz Anya Kamenetz and Lisa Tagliaferri Atsushi Futatsuya Ben Simington Benaifer Bhadha Benjamin Degen Bethany Tabor Bethany Tabor & Iele Paloumpis Bethany Tabor Toccarra Thomas Bethany Tabor and Toccarra Thomas Bethany Tabor, Toccarra Thomas, & Joanna Ebenstein Bhante Suddhāso Bill Day Bonnie Lane Breck Baldwin Brenna Murphy & Jennifer Gray Camel Collective Carmen Bouyer Carmen Bouyer & Salima Yacoubi Soussane Cassie Wagler Catherine Despont Catherine Despont & Nancy Nowacek Cheryl Paswater Cheryl Paswater and Erin Cramm Christine Garvey Christopher Kardambikis Colin Ellard Colleen Flanigan Cynthia Alberto Dan Krugman Dana Perrotti Danica Selem Daniel Temkin Dave Sheinkopf David Sheinkopf David Larkin David Everitt Howe Demetria Chappo and Nicholas Newcomb Denise Cesare Denise Cesare Denise Cesare Denise Cesare Denise Cesare Denise Cesare Derica Shields and Fanta Sylla Dorit Chrysler Dorit Chrysler & Rob Schwimmer Dorit Chrysler, Rob Schwimmer & Charlie Hobbs Dr. Ellen Jorgensen Dr. Joe Patterson Drew Cattlin and Nick Kirby Drew Cattlin and Nick Kirby E.S.P. TV, Athena Christa Holbrook, Kit Fitzgerald & Liz Flyntz Electric Indigo Eliot Krimsky Ellen C. Meltzer, Bethany Tabor and Tocara Thomas Ellie Alter Emily Spivack Emily Xie & Cassie Tarakajian Emmanuel Dumont Eric Ayotte Eric Fraser Erica Smith Ernesto Caivano Eugenia Manwelyan EVELYN DONNELLY Fiona Ryan Fiona Ryan Gabriel Willow Greg Borden Greg Fox Greg Fox and Marco Orozco Gustav Peebles Guston Abright Helene Nymann Ira Eduardovna J. Martin, R. Basha, R. Haberstroh Jean-Daniel Lafontant Jeremy Sigler Jes Fan Jess Hayden Mattheus Jessa Blades Jesse Seegers JJ Proville Joe Ahearn Joey Frank John Gordon Gauld John Sharp & David Sheinkopf Johnny Fogg Josh Parker Joshua Jelly-Schapiro Julie Ryan Julie Martin, Regine Basha, & Rachel Haberstroh Jung In Jung Juniper Perlis Kaelyn Garcia Kate Ovaska Kelsey Knight Mohr Kembra Pfahler Kenya Robinson Kim Yun Laura Manns Lauren Silbert Lisa Benger M.W. Ambroise Manuela Donoso & Merche Blasco Marcia Milgrom Dodge Marisa Prefer Marisa Prefer and Christopher Kennedy Marta Pia Marta Pia and Fiona Ryan Matt Granick Matthew Putman Maureen T. Matarese Max Fowler & Sam Hart Meera Dugal Meera Dugal and DJ Rekha Meera Dugal and Sascha Von Oertzen Melanie Siben Mira Ramchandani Monica Hunken Nancy Nowacek Nick Fitzhugh Niki Athanasiadou Nina N. Yeboah Pascual Sisto Patricia Siegel Paul John Paul Schneider Raphaële Chappe Rebecca Shulman and Jean Fung Renata Gaui , Francesca Rodriguez Sawaya Rob Schwimmer Robyn Hasty Robyn Renee Hasty Robyn Hasty and David Sheinkopf Roger Carmona Roopa Vasudevan Rowan Renee Rully Shabara Sayaka Toyama Sergei Tiourine Shamel Hughes Sharang Biswas Sheetal Prajapati SOCIAL DATA SQUAD Social Data Squad Sohui Kim St. John Frizell Stacey Labombarda Susan Gosin Susie Ibarra Suzanne Dikker, Lauren Silbert & Rachel Haberstroh Tal Beery Tantric Fancher Tarik Davis Teacher Jennifer Teddy Kern Terttu Uibopuu Thomas Beale Thomas Martinez Tom Tresser Tommy Martinez Tommy Martinez Twig Harper Ty Tashiro Vanessa Rosa VANESSA VARGAS and NELESI RODRIGUEZ Victor Ramirez Victoria Keddie Zac Overman Ziv (ZEEVE) Schneider Zoë Bachman & Rebecca Ricks
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