Saye Gbatu

Teaches at Yaymaker

Painting has always been a skill that I’ve had, but over the years, found more and more difficult to use. Drawing and painting eventually led me to study 3D graphics and animation.  Strangely, that has now led me to engineering. Currently, working toward my second bachelors, in a field as opposite to art as night and day, has unfortunately put painting on the top of my list of unused talents.  For years I sought out a means to rekindle my interests in traditional painting and thus I found PaintNite. 

PaintNite allows me to express my creativity in a manner so native, each event ends up being more relaxing and spiritually rewarding than the previous.  Sharing these moments with others, imparting knowledge and technique add a social aspect to painting that is ultimately enriching to myself and all the students that attend PaintNite. 

Training your eye to see, understand and create a painting enables you to do the same in life; see the world in new colors, a different light.  It goes beyond the brush and the canvas.  But we’ll talk more about that later. 

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