Chef Akanksha

Teaches at CocuSocial Cooking Classes

Chef Akanksha was born and raised in India before she moved to United States four years ago. She has travelled to over ten countries and lived in three countries, thereby experiencing a variety of rich cultures and food. Upon attaining a degree in Finance, Chef Akanksha worked at several Investment Banks and Financial Research firms in both India and the US. 

However from a young age, she always had a strong passion for food, and it was this passion that recently inspired her to change her life's course and ditch the calculator for an apron. Since making this decision, Chef Akanksha has launched her brand 'The Food Love Book' where she has a strong presence on social media platforms. She also partners with and consults restaurants and startups in the food space, assisting them grow and diversify their business. Chef Akanksha loves catering and hosting events for family and friends, where she also acts as a personal chef and teacher to intimate groups. 

When Chef Akanksha is not cooking, she enjoys travelling and working on the MJS foundation on Sustainability.

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