Chef Patrick

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Chef Patrick was influenced as a boy by his Grandmother’s kitchen that’s where he saw that cooking can feed peoples souls.  

Patrick attended culinary school at Sullivan County College. His journey started at the Garden City Hotel, in the La Cote d’or dinning room with master Chef Patrick Pino, who shaped his philosophy of cooking. Patrick then headed to New York City to expand his culinary repertoire at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. That’s where he met Three Star Michelin Chef Gunther Serger. Chef Serger instilled in him the elegance of simplicity, artistry of balance and the appreciation of the ingredients. Patrick moved south to Atlanta and worked with renowned cook book Author Marcella Hazan who instilled the purity and quality of the products that they used. A short stent with Chef Emeril Lagasse exposed Patrick to southern flares and flavors.  

Patrick felt he had found his culinary voice and headed home to Long Island. That’s when he found local farms and fishermen that worked with sustainable practices. Over the years Patrick has instilled balance in the blends of ingredients and hominy in his cuisine, still striving for the fulfillment of his culinary soul.

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