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Elizabeth is founder and maker at Antidote, herbal remedies for the wild at heart. Through the journey of developing the natural skincare products for Antidote her interest in plant medicine grew. What began as bunch of research and recipes to help her family (plagued with all sorts of skin issues) transformed into a company and finally a need to help all her friends living in this big crazy city to contend naturally against all these unnatural odds. Depression, Lyme, candida, seliac, hypertension, these are the ailments she kept seeing pop up and just knew that antibiotics, psychotropics, and drugs to regulate sugar and blood pressure were just plain wrong first answers. And she was tired of seeing her friends fall into that trap. Just as soon as she found it, Elizabeth began the professional program at Arbor Vitae, school of traditional medicine and is currently finishing her final year there. This year she will focus on Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostic tools using native plants where possible. She lives in Greenpoint where she sees private clients for herbalism practice and sings like a banshee in an experimental noise band.

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Holistic Skin Sense


Attended: Holistic Skin Sense

I was expecting some printed material would be passed on . The session could have been more discreet & better streamlined / prepared !

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