Britt Healy

Teaches at Three Jewels

Yoga first found me in the form of my study abroad roommates almost ten years ago. We practiced Surya Namaskar A on the manicured lawns of Luxembourg gardens, where dipped in joyous folly we overlooked the signs prohibiting trampling the grass and were curtly escorted off. It was an enchanting, playful introduction to practice that would prove a powerful ally in my self development, mental health and understanding of the world.

The changes I have seen in myself since these early days have been remarkable. Through the guidance of many many saintly teachers my practice continues to open me up to my true self. It gleans understanding to my personal patterns, it shows me the roots of my impulses, the truth of my feelings + their transient nature.

It strengthens me. It softens me. It's home.

There is a home for you in your yoga too. I’ll help you read the blueprint of your body, find architectural alignment through the strength of your bones, clean out the storage space of your muscles & joints, breathe a breath that keeps it structurally sound, embedded in calm and hold space for you to get to know the experience that only you house.

I am here to be of service.

Let’s have some fun!

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