Chris Mauch

Teaches at Three Jewels

Chris got on the path as an ADD kid who had always seen the act of concentration as bit of a super power. After attending his first yoga class he felt marked improvements to his concentration and was hooked instantly. It was only after sitting in on a lecture by Lama Marut, that Chris' deep efforts in Buddhist practice began. Chris eventually underwent deep courses of study in Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism, in the tradition of the Dalai Lama by his close students Lindsay Crouse, Rick Blue, and has taken a host of retreats and teachings with many amazing teachers. 

Professionally, Chris has served as an illustrator, 3D animator and director for over 12 years. While earning his BFA at School of Visual Arts, Chris underwent a long-running mentorship with Darren Aronofsky and his Academy Award nominated visual effects partners Dan Schrecker and Jeremy Dawson. Chris recently discovered "No-Leash Mornings" at Ft. Greene Park, in Brooklyn and can be found there Sundays before 9, hamming it up with the locals and their owners.