Shirley Lipner

Teaches at Remedies Herb Shop

Shirley is a clairvoyant, clair-audient medium and empath. Her comedic edge and psychic gift combine to provide each of her clients an accurate, powerful and always hilarious perspective. Shirley began her path over 30 years ago as a comic, doing a cable public access show as 'The Psychic Housewife’. What began as an intuitive ability to laugh at life’s struggles turned into a calling that has brought her to the present day.  Shirley has been featured in GOOP, Buzzfeed and Hay House Radio.

Shirley's first career was in comedy, and so she brings a certain amount of levity to her readings. Her incredibly precise readings are both light hearted and profound, and full of astute insight and advice. She is particularly great at relationship and career advice, as she will evaluate the auras of everyone who surrounds you and highlight the most favorable path forward. She also reads Tarot, though she uses it to offer a more loose framework rather than a literal description of what might be going on. 

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