Divya Sood

Teaches at Gotham Writers' Workshop

Divya Sood is the author of the novel Nights Like This (Riverdale Avenue Books) and a winner of the National Society for Arts and Letters first prize for short fiction. She has taught at Rutgers University. She holds a BA from Rutgers University and an MA in English from New York University. 

Reviews of Divya Sood

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Creative Writing 101 Level 1: 6 Weeks

Daniel W.

Attended: Creative Writing 101 Level 1: 6 Weeks

I’m a new writer and really enjoyed this class. My instructor was Divya. Pros * Good syllabus structure. Divya focused on one element at a time — eg specificity, sensory detail, dialogue, etc: First a short lecture structure on the topic (w/ time for questions), then an example text, and finally in class practice with the option to share * Good progression of material. Toward the end of class we started combining the elements and tools into more complex assignments * Fun, engaging discussions where everyone participated. Divya did a good job inviting ideas and questions from everyone * Good homework. Not too much pressure but still some encouragement to try what you learn * Supportive interesting classmates. * Divya responded to our interests: we wanted to cover structure, dialogue and the business of writing and so she made time to cover these Cons * Only 6 weeks! I’ll probably take the 10 week one too. * Honestly I searched my brain for bad things... uh, it rained every class? It’s hard to find fault with it! It was a good value!

Creative Writing 101 Level 1: 6 Weeks

Reena A.

Attended: Creative Writing 101 Level 1: 6 Weeks

Reena A. gave this class 4 out of 5 CourseHorse stars.