Stephanie Thoma

Teaches at The Barrow Group Acting School

Stephanie Thoma is an IRL (In Real Life) connection enthusiast, event producer, moderator, and writer living in San Francisco. She strives to pair personal growth with professional development for holistically ambitious life experiences. She's attended more than 300 networking events since 2016, and hosted over 100 events in 2018. Stephanie serves on the board of YPOSF (Young Professionals of San Francisco), a community of 7k professionals, in which she curates social, philanthropic & professional development events while managing a team of 9 Ambassadors to support the organization’s growth.

Stephanie produced and continues to manage 12 ongoing and 6 special community event series for a luxury apartment complex in SoMa, acting as a primary driver of prospective and current tenant engagement, developing community and increasing retention. In 2019 she's touring "Networking for Introverts," a workshop dedicated to sharing what she's learned in making a career out of networking while leveraging introverted attributes at WeWork, SF Girl Bosses, Six Degrees Society, General Assembly, and more.

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