Wassilya Imessaoudene

Teaches at French Institute Alliance Française

Wassilya was born and raised in the medieval town of Provins, near Paris. After obtaining a bachelor degree in foreign languages, civilization, and literature at Charles de Gaulle University in Lille, she went to Sheffield, England where she occupied a French assistant position in a comprehensive school (middle and secondary school). 

She came back to Paris and worked in a secondary school as an English teacher, helping children cross cultural boundaries and gain a deep knowledge of the target language. Her dual ability in both languages (French and English) helped her work with French and English speaking audiences. After 2 years spent with the French education, she decided to work in the private sector, as a French instructor in a very known French private school located in the very busy area of La Defense (IFG langues); the audience was very varied, she taught general and business classes for adults.

She also worked in CDH development, a French Parisian language institute, working exclusively with Foreign corporations. She came to New York City and worked in FIAF since her arrival in the end of 2008. She has worked with different levels and group ages including toddlers, kids, teens and adults.

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