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Kris Wiig (No relation to the actress) has worked for more than a dozen start-ups helping them to launch sales, build highly motivated sales teams and create sustainable selling processes. Every start up Kris has worked for has either been acquired or is still in business today.
Kris is currently the Head of East Coast Enterprise Sales at General Assembly.
Kris has sold to or collaborated with individuals at every level and function of Fortune 500s, Financial Institutions, SMBs, Nonprofits and Government agencies globally. She has worked in Financial Technology, Research, Data & Analytics, Impact Sourcing & Economic Empowerment, Industrial Software, Real Estate & Property Management, Media Services & Technology, Gaming, Mobile & eCommerce, Online Education, Corporate Training & Human Capital.

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The Art Of Sales: Exploring Client Needs

Joshua R.

Attended: The Art Of Sales: Exploring Client Needs

Kristina gave so many insightful tips that left me leaving a lot more confident about increasing our company's sales. While it was clear she has a ton of sales experience and industry knowledge, what surprised me most is how Kristina dove into each of our companies on a consultative level and provided meaningful advice and ideas.

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