Michael Hardy

Teaches at General Assembly

Michael Hardy, a former Supply Chain and Logistics pro turned Sr. Experience Designer at SapientNitro, specializes in Service Design and Innovation and believes that good experiences occur where lifestyle meets logistics.

Michael led a research effort sponsored by the American Bar Association and FEMA developing an experience strategy and a micro-volunteering program connecting disaster survivors with pro-bono legal representation. Through and extensive ethnography of survivors of Superstorm Sandy, lawyers, FEMA staff, and policy experts, Michael learned how design inspires innovation and creates meaningful experiences.

In addition to working with several brands and local startups, Michael is interested in the topic of access to the sharing and service economy by minority and underrepresented populations. Michael believes in the power of blue, Zebra .07 ink pens, collects vintage blazers as travel keepsakes, and has been his own barber since 2004. As a southerner living in Boston, he has yet to find a place that serves a proper glass of “sweet tea”.

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