Vanessa Hernandez

Teaches at General Assembly

Vanessa Hernandez is fascinated with how visual communication shapes our history. Living and working as a small business owner & designer in Los Angeles, Vanessa has set out to create meaningful work for her clients since she began her career as a design intern at a small start-up that was to become the leading socially-conscious company in the US – TOMS Shoes. It was the culture and the heart at TOMS that enabled her to create a life centered around the psychology of design and how it affects the world we live in. Since her intern days, Vanessa has used her passion for typography, print, and branding to work in partnership with companies such as GOOD, Falling Whistles, Surfrider Foundation, WWD Magic, Playboy, & was even named an Inspiring Insider by

While traditional design practices are her focus, Vanessa is insatiably curious about the world around her, which is what sparked the idea of creating a unique platform for her clients to dream their wildest under the umbrella of The Vaguely, her one-woman design studio. From consultation to art direction to living mural installation to gold-leafing bodies, Vanessa thrives in environments and relationships that evoke a little mischief and a lot of saying ‘yes’, even when the full picture isn’t yet in place. You can also find her saying ‘yes’ to anything type related, getting lost in new places, and tacos.

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