Arjun Ray

Teaches at General Assembly

Arjun spent many years in academia working on neuroscience and genomics research before switching to programming, which has proven to be much more rewarding for him. He codes in Python, R, Perl, Ruby, Javascript, and a few other languages, and loves writing elegant, reusable code as well as trying to wrap his brain around low level programming languages and high level computer science concepts.

His coding expertise lies in fullstack web application development, probabilistic modeling, data visualization, and statistical inference. He’s been a professional touring musician, a recording studio owner/engineer, a teacher, an art curator and music festival organizer over the years. He also loves cooking, creative writing, long distance biking, pretty much all animals, and long comma-separated lists of nouns. As a TA, he aims to become the best teacher that he can be as well as test the limits of his own knowledge.

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