Dana Barnes

Teaches at General Assembly

Dana Barnes has been a data analyst (and data enthusiast) in the healthcare sector for the past nine years. In her current role at Kaiser Permanente, she uses Excel, SQL, Tableau, and more to create interactive tools and conduct original analyses for physicians and administrators in Medical Imaging. In addition, she often conducts data visualization workshops for colleagues across the company; these experiences -- helping others translate complex findings into understandable reports -- stoked her interest in teaching data analysis and data communication skills at General Assembly. Dana has been a speaker at numerous health data conferences, and has contributed infographics for medical publications. In her spare time, she creates data interactives and infographics for her personal blog (itsdatadana.com). She is a native Nebraskan, and holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Go Big Red!) as well as a Master of Public Health from Yale University. Dana enjoys college football, true crime podcasts, and the company of her dog Murphy.

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