Eric Streske

Teaches at General Assembly

Eric Streske's career started in music as the guitar player for the touring Minneapolis band Shoeless Revolution. As the touring slowed down, Eric looked to expand his career into the technology sector by working for several established software companies doing support, implementation, testing, and project management. After realizing these positions lacked the creative aspects of music, he attended General Assembly's Web Development Immersive (WDI) in New York City in 2013.

After the completion of WDI, Eric was hired as a Developer at the Harry Fox Agency (HFA), one of the country's most prominent music licensing and rights management leaders. HFA was acquired by another rights leader SESAC in September of 2015 and continues to provide digital services with licenses and payments to music publishers and songwriters. At SESAC/HFA, Eric leads a team of developers to build some of the most widely used music royalties systems in existence.

Eric lives in San Diego, CA with his wife Jackie and in his spare time continues to play guitar and drums. He is looking foward to teaching at GA to give back to the community that helped jump start his career in such a positive way.

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