Jill DaSilva

Teaches at General Assembly

Head of UX Strategy & Co-Founder, 
Digital Karma

Jill began programming when she was 8 years old. She thrives on creative collaboration and solving design challenges. She loves coming up with simple, effective solutions that provide the best possible user experience. Jill believes strongly in sound workflow practices and development methods to create the best project possible right out of the gate. She has experienced firsthand the great benefits of agile development and it is her preferred development workflow. She has worked with Fox, Buick, Walgreen’s and Digitas to name a few. Her primary focus is to successfully create and maintain a one-to-one relationship between the consumer and a brand.

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User Experience Design Bootcamp

Hanna C.

Attended: User Experience Design Bootcamp

Thumbs up!! In brief, three things are outstanding: 1. Well structured - regardless of your knowledge in ux, everyone can follow without any problem. 2. Hands-on experience - Practice! Practice! Practice! Awesome! 3. Instructors- full of knowledge and experience!

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