Wayman Humphrey

Teaches at General Assembly

Introduced to the world as Wayman Humphrey, The Madd Penciler has been sharpening his illustration skills for over 20 years. A SCAD graduate, he studied animation and is just as skilled on the page as he is on the screen. Specializing in anatomy, his work leaps off of the page with a level of realism that belies the blue pencil it’s most often created with. His specialty is anatomy with his trademark blue pencil, but he’s also known to take his expertise from the page to the screen using Toon Boom, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Sketch, Adobe Draw, Manga Studio, Key Shot and Procreate. When he’s not teaching current and burgeoning artists how to use Photoshop or draw better hands and feet, he’s blessing people with tattoos. Check out his work

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