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Life Skills
Inner Mission, San Francisco, California
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Inspired by the Mission to “demystify and celebrate alternative sexualities,” the company offers Bay Area locals and visitors the opportunity to attend workshops that will aid in providing the information and encouragement to support exploration.

Each month features several opportunities to attend workshops that cater to a wide variety interests and experience levels. The two-hour long classes will be held in the landmark San Francisco Armory on one of the impressive sets designed by’s Art Department. Instructors include models and directors of as well as talented and renowned educators within the sex, kink, and BDSM communities.

Come with an open mind and a positive attitude. Most workshops include live demonstrations.

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1800 Mission St, San Francisco, California 94103 Tours
Inner Mission
1800 Mission St
Btwn 14th & 15th Streets
San Francisco, California 94103