Laura Faccone

Teaches at Yaymaker

At a young age Laura got in trouble for drawing all over her bedroom walls. It was then at the tender age of 4 she decided she would use the power of art to fight back against the social pressure to conform… or maybe just to her parents because by the time she left that bedroom for college at 17 there was not a free space of wall left in that room, she had covered it all. Laura knew that when she grew up she wanted to be either an Artist, an Actress or a Nun (if you know her personally you would know that last one is especially ironic.) She is not an actress but she does love to put on a show, you can find her practicing her stand up routines or hosting 10 minute dance parties at some of her paint night events. 

In addition to being a fine artist, Laura also has her bachelors in Interactive Digital Design, which is really just fancy for she's on the computer a lot. In her spare time you can find her thinking about life, painting cats or critiquing the type face choices on take out menus. Her creativity can hardly be contained which leaves her with labels such as, "eccentric" "unique" "weirdo" and "kinda crazy" all of which she fully embraces. Most importantly she loves to use art to make people happy and loves to see others find and embrace their own creative sides as well. She hopes everyone can find an artistic outlet as a means of self expression.

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