Arshad Wala & Ebrahim Bhaiji

Teaches at General Assembly

Arshad Wala has led digital product development with a diverse range of brands, including: Google, Honda, HTC, PlayStation, Target, Volkswagen, and Xbox. Arshad’s experience includes designing the first interaction framework for Google TV, helping PlayStation and Xbox product teams understand their users through the creation of personas and user-flows, and building consumer focused commerce platforms for Honda, HTC, and Target. 

Formerly the Director of UX at Deutsch, VP of Product at Clique Media, and recently Director of Design at NFL; Arshad currently serves as the CEO at Digitalworks.  

Ebrahim Bhaiji’s professional career in tech began when he was tasked to build their first US Food Service business in 2011. Working underneath the US Director he built a $2.4M dollar business by allowing customers to obtain dairy products through an online ordering platform that he built internally. Eager to learn more about product development, Ebrahim took the Product Management course at GA. After the class Ebrahim worked with early stage startups as a Product Manager building and testing MVPs. One notable, venture backed, startup called Castifi which he cofounded. 

At Digitalworks, Ebrahim designs technical solutions for clients and works closely with the product team to ensure clients are building software solutions for real people.

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