Ash Odish

Teaches at General Assembly

Ash Odish is a data analyst and strategist specializing in fundraising and development. Ash received their B.A. in Literature and Gender Studies, where their interest in analytics was sparked through literary analyses and sociological data points. From there, they began working in consulting and professional services for the affordable housing industry and turned their personal interest in technology and ability to sift through data to tell stories into a career in analytics. Over the past 5 years, Ash has transformed business metrics, marketing, and operational strategies in both for-profit and nonprofit settings through data-focused work. Beginning July 2018, Ash will serve as a Co-Chair of the Chicago Cultural Co-op. In their spare time, Ash curates and does photography for their cat's Instagram account and volunteers with Center on Halsted, the Midwest's largest LGBTQ center.

Ash has always had an affinity for teaching others and building connections through education. In a world where data is part of nearly every industry, they believe learning the fundamentals of data analytics is a key skill that just about everyone should possess, whether it's to do analyses or to just keep pace in conversations inside and outside of work.

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