Matt Brendzel & Marc Wright

Teaches at General Assembly

Matt Brendzel
Immersive Programs Producer (WDI/UXDI),
General Assembly

Matt Brendzel manages both the Web Development Immersive and User Experience Design Immersive courses at GA's Boston campus. In his free time, Matt enjoys movies, long walks on the beach, and appropriate use of the serial comma.

Marc Wright
Instructor, Web Development Immersive

Marc grew up outside of Birmingham, AL and most recently has lived on the West Coast for several years. He’s an avid runner, basketballer and college football fan. After receiving his degree in communications, Marc worked as a songwriter for several years before entering the consulting world as an operations and marketing specialist. He joined WDI as a student looking to develop his web development chops and pivot into a more creative field. After graduating, he served as a junior instructor in Los Angeles, then moved to Atlanta to help launch the program in the great state of Georgia.

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