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Ruben Naeff is from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where he studied mathematics and worked as a strategy consultant and economic researcher. Currently, he works as a data scientist at Knewton, an adaptive education startup in New York City. Aside from his data science career, Ruben is a composer with a degree from NYU whose music has been performed throughout Europe, Asia and the United States. He has worked as a teacher as well, teaching mathematics, Dutch and music to students of all ages.

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Introduction to Python Programming

Tom C.

Attended: Introduction to Python Programming

Ruben Naeff was the instructor for this intro class. Overall I felt like the class was okay, it gave me enough of a framework to self learn, and I felt comfortable with the topics covered. The instructor seemed a little disorganized however (partially a few students' fault for running down rabbit holes). While I had prior experience with other languages and using the command line interface, some students had no prior knowledge and the instructor didn't explain the actions or commands during the class examples.

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