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Zohar Class

at Kabbalah Centre Student Support -

The Zohar teaches that every week of the year has its own unique energy that – when channeled through spiritual work – can assist us in every aspect of our life. As we grow and apply the power of each week's energy to our life, we begin to experience a change in our consciousness, which in turn allows us to see the world through a much larger...

Monday Feb 24th, 5pm - 6pm ET

Palm and Face

at Kabbalah Centre Student Support -

If a map of your life exists, don't you think you should have it? You do! It is the lines on your palms and the features of your face. This course presents you with fascinating tools to decipher your unique life-map. These tools - found in ancient kabbalistic texts, including the Zohar, Tikunei Hazohar, The Bahir and the writings of the Ramak - will...

Wednesday Feb 26th, 5pm - 6pm ET

  (4 sessions)

4 sessions

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Twins & Sleep

at Twin Love Concierge -

Twin Love Concierge’s Twins & Sleep 101 Class is designed to give parents the best techniques available for Twins (0- 24months) and answer all of your sleep and nap questions. Please note this is not a CIO specific class – it covers a range of techniques to find which fits best for your family. Our resident Sleep Expert is a certified Sleep...

Saturday Feb 29th, 12pm - 2pm ET

Examination Preparation Course

at Learn to Succeed -

Examination and homework preparation is a continuous process. By completing the course, students can learn the best tips for getting prepared for examinations and get good grades. The students will learn the best help for preparing for the homework and examination. The course consists of two lessons.

Monday Feb 24th, 9pm - 9:20pm ET

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Meaningful Life Skills

at LSGS -

Join Rabbi Simon Jacobson as he examines life and offers a comprehensive blueprint of the human psyche. Discover how to live a truly happy and meaningful life by using your divine gifts and wisdom to reach your highest potential.

Wednesday Feb 26th, 8:30pm - 10pm ET

Revisioning the Moments for End-of-Life Ceremony

at One Spirit Learning Alliance -

Revisioning the Moments for End-of-Life Ceremony and Ritual As American families have become more religiously/spiritually mixed and diverse, a call for new language and ceremony has emerged around the end-of-life period. How can we better acknowledge change and loss, honor the dead, and pull ourselves together at times when sadness seems all there...

Saturday Feb 29th, 9:30am - 5pm ET

Secrets to Boosting Productivity

at American Management Association -

Take back your time with and become a more productive you. The truth is that your work will continue to pile up if all you do is check tasks off of your to-do list. Improve your productivity and efficiency by taking control of the pile of work that is driving you crazy. Develop you need a goal-driven plan and a step-by step method of helping you...

Wednesday Feb 26th, 2pm - 4:30pm ET

Character Development Level 1: 3 Week Intensive

at Gotham Writers' Workshop -

Characters are the beating heart of every story—fiction, nonfiction, any kind of scripted show. In fact, it’s their actions, dialogue, habits, quirks, appearance, gestures, hopes, dreams, fears, triumphs, failures, and flaws that make a story what it is. We follow people like Sherlock, Hamlet, Katniss, Batman, Lolita, and ________ (fill in your...

Tuesday Mar 10th, 12am - 11:45pm ET

  (2 sessions)

2 sessions

Meditative Writing Level 2

at The Science and Art of Writing -

Advanced meditations for rewriting, structure, emotional intelligence, dialogue, and backstory.  Prerequisite: Meditative Writing Level 1 or a Level 2 class (within the past two years)

Wednesday Mar 18th, 7pm - 9pm ET

  (4 sessions)

4 sessions

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Online Submissions Workshop

at The Writers Studio -

Learn how to submit your fiction, poetry or memoir writing for publication in literary journals. Now that you’ve finished your written work, how do you get it published? This six-week workshop will show you how. Here’s just some of what you’ll learn: How to tell whether your work is ready to submit. Where to submit work — and where not...

Wednesday Mar 11th, 3pm - 4pm ET

  (6 sessions)

6 sessions

First Year with Twins

at Twin Love Concierge -

Twin Love Concierge’s Surviving and thriving the first year with Twins online class via Skype will help parents prepare for the next stage of the babies lives. From introducing solids, nutrition education and what is best for baby in their first foods through to implementing good eating and feeding practices that will aid with...

Sunday Mar 8th, 11am - 1:30pm ET

How to Flex Your Communication Style

at American Management Association -

Become a better communicator with our express communication seminar To become a better communicator and gain commitment from others, you need to understand your own style first—and then how to flex it. Discover your own preferred style and evaluate the opportunities and challenges of that style in working with others. Learn how to adapt your style...

Thursday Feb 27th, 2pm - 4:30pm ET

Building Conflict-Free Relationships

at American Management Association -

Tools for Working with Anyone  Whatever your position, you must interact effectively with other people to get work done. And within every work environment, conflict is inevitable.  Your success is defined by how you develop and maintain positive working relationships with everyone around you. Making the situation worse is that today we...

Wednesday Feb 26th, 12pm - 1:30pm ET

Gender 101: Understanding Gender Non Binary

at Springboard Ventures, Inc. -

Gender 101: Understanding Non Binary & Why Gender Neutral Language Matter There are internal and external effects of misgendering employees, clients and prospects and why misgendering others creates loss of productivity, self esteem and your companies bottom line! During this webinar the concepts of sex, gender identity, sexual orientation and...

Thursday Mar 5th, 11am - 12pm ET

How to Coach a Virtual Team

at American Management Association -

Building relationships over hundreds—or thousands—of miles? Trying to set goals that are understood around the globe? These special circumstances require special skills. Workplaces around the world are now linked virtually though technology. To get results, the leader of a virtual team must approach employees differently from co-located teams....

Wednesday Mar 4th, 2pm - 4:30pm ET

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