New York School of the Arts

New York School of the Arts

Upper East Side, New York, New York
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New York School of the Arts is a school that has been created to fulfill the expectation of the transformed contemporary art world. It is based on the heritage of the traditional discipline and at the same time an exploration of the new media. In the modern context of New York City, we use a strong atelier methodology along with critical and conceptual practices.

Conceived as a multidisciplinary hub, our school explores the studies of fine arts, design, architecture and music and, with our future Center of the Arts, will host an international gallery, artist’s studio and our Arts Intensive Program. Counting on the support and the expertise of important living and visiting artists, our students have access to a range of cutting-edge workshops, lectures, panel discussions, critiques, and school events.  

We offer a broad spectrum of arts educational programs, programs in general art study, studio practices, instruction on the business of art and later a study abroad program with an intention to broaden our international dimension. Students also find enrichment in museum and gallery visits as well as opportunities to participate in areas of specialized study with other partnering New York City art organizations. Students have many opportunities to exhibit their work in the School galleries, including in our prestigious year end Annual Show.  

Our dynamic and flexible program structure provides students with a solid foundation in arts education. Also, students have opportunities to experience and collaborate with visiting art professionals such as art dealers, curators, and members of other prestigious art institutions. This will facilitate connections with New York City galleries and an immersion into the New York City art scene. This multi-faceted experience provides our students with the comprehensive knowledge and support they need for a professional career in the arts.

Reviews of New York School of the Arts

(53 Reviews)
Figure Drawing Workshop


Attended: Figure Drawing Workshop

The class was very professionally run and no class time was wasted. As a beginner, the class was a little challenging due to less familiarity with techniques, materials, etc.

Wood Carving

Alexandre O.

Attended: Wood Carving

Carlos Mendoza was a wonderful, knowledgeable and hands-on teacher. He introduced me to the wonderful world of sculpture and I will be forever grateful.

Wood Carving

Dan S.

Attended: Wood Carving

I greatly enjoyed the woodworking class with Carlos. I hadn’t worked with wood in decades and was pleased with what I created with Carlos’ help. On the very first day, he led us through an activity to use our imagination to come up with what we wanted to design. From there, it was a matter of refining ideas under Carlos’ great care and support. Carlos is kind and helpful and able to resourcefully solve problems with you.

Constructing the Figure

Ann H.

Attended: Constructing the Figure

I enjoyed this figure drawing class at the NY School of the Arts. The school is well organized and offers a variety of art making classes. The instructor was very knowledgeable and engaging. We worked from live models (always a good thing) and with a variety of media. Our instructor provided us with guidance on portraiture and other aspects of figure drawing. I learned a lot in this class.

From Figures to Abstraction


Attended: From Figures to Abstraction

Davide teaches to each student's interests and goals.

Online Painting with Peter Bonner

Andrea K.

Attended: Online Painting with Peter Bonner

Peter has an ability to push and encourage each person’s talent. I recall an example of a statement which resonated with me to my core, comparing an individual artist to a person’s voice. We each have our own style and voice which needs to be developed, and is so powerfully unique! One can give the tools, but that one voice/artist tapping into their own experience is excitingly powerful. I felt the nurturing of my own talent emerging through my experience with Peter, as well as the “students” who were so supportive, as more of a mentor or coach through these eight classes. Highly recommended!!!

Techniques of Printmaking

Nina M.

Attended: Techniques of Printmaking

I loved Taka Maruno's class. An accomplished artist himself, he is also the ideal teacher -- patient, inclusive and easygoing, but clear in his instructions and gentle but firm in his advice when asked for feedback or input on aesthetic decisions. With students ranging from accomplished professional artists to rank beginners like myself, I appreciated the relaxed and individual attention he gave us to work on individual projects at our own pace, while also gathering us for demonstrations of techniques. Taka introduced us to a range of techniques from drypoint to chine-collé and all in the context of creating unique monotype prints of all sizes. I did not see the 3 hours go by -- it was pure flow! Deep bow to Taka Maruno!

Large Scale Watercolor Painting Workshop

Marka L.

Attended: Large Scale Watercolor Painting Workshop

I had such a good time! Beth was an awesome teacher and I'm super glad I got to create something cool.

Painting and Drawing with Mixed Media

bonnie g.

Attended: Painting and Drawing with Mixed Media

Michelle is fabulous. Not only is she a wonderful artist but she is a great teacher. She critiques very and supportively with great suggestions.

3D Modeling with ZBrush

Jackson W.

Attended: 3D Modeling with ZBrush

Amos was a great teacher. I was really starting to get a handle on using zBrush. Unfortunately our last two classes were cancelled because the world ended but that's not really anyone's fault.

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