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6 Cooking Classes Brooklyn Loves - CourseHorse

By Jenny Tobin | Published 7/3/2012

New York cooking classes can save you from the doom and gloom of delivery life, and Brooklyn’s got some mouthwatering options.

Couple Cooking Together

From Williamsburg to Bushwick, Brooklyn’s become a hot spot for sprouting some of the best things to do in all of NYC, and the Brooklyn cooking class scene is no exception. Whether you’re a rotisserie rookie or a souffle specialist, there are hundreds of choices to meet your needs. Plan a fun night out with friends or loved ones, or just get the skills you need to add some spice to your life when preparing meals at home; Cooking classes can be a great way to shake things up and explore a whole new part of Brooklyn. We’ve identified six classes that are continuous crowd pleasers and are sure to be a jumping off point for exploring the budding chef in you.

Romantic Dinner

Pie Making

Pels Pie Co.
Lefferts Garden, Brooklyn

When Alison Pels started Pels Pie Co. in 2015 we doubt she imagined just a few years later she’d have one of the most talked about pie spots in Brooklyn. Today, not only is she serving up one of the hottest spots to devour pie, but she just may have the best pie making class in the city. Whether you’ve tried your hand at pies before or the thought of kneading dough has only been “pie in the sky,” you’re sure to take home a few lessons (and delectables) in “Pie Making.” Over the course of three hours you’ll learn everything you’ll need to make one of ten of Pels’ pie recipes from scratch. Craft the perfect crust by hand or food processor, then roll your dough, shape it, crimp it, fill it, and bake it. Of course, for your hard work you won’t leave empty handed. In fact, you’ll leave with your entire pie and enough crust to make a couple more at home. We know it’s just for practicing your newly found skills, and certainly wouldn’t judge you if you had to consume three pies over the course of the following week… you know, just to make sure you’re doing it right.

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Couple Cooking

Knife Skills

The Brooklyn Kitchen
Sunset Park, Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Kitchen’s “learn to cook like a grownup” motto certainly says a lot about their culinary education approach and vibe, and with that bold attitude they’ve been managing to train adults to cook “like grownups” since 2006. Their beautiful space and masterful chefs create the perfect environment for learning everything from pasta making to doughnuts, and their convenient Sunset Park location makes it easy for Manhattanites and Brooklynites alike to join in on the fun (trip to Costco first, anyone?). Though they provide one of the most diverse class “menus” in the game in NYC cooking classes, their Knife Skills class is continuously one of their most talked about. Perhaps it’s for apt reason, as good technique is everything in the kitchen, and getting your knife skills down is one of those things that really takes your cooking skills to the “adult” level. In this class you’ll spend two hours slicing & dicing, chopping & chiffonading, and just generally getting your chef on with a number of vegetables. Once the knives are all away, they’ll even supply a couple of drinks to celebrate your newfound skills in a [now] safe environment.

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Classic Chicken Tikka Masala

Mukti's Kitchen
Kensington & Parkville, Brooklyn

There are few places in the city where you can learn really traditional Indian cooking, but Mukti’s is about as authentic as it gets. Mukti grew up in Calcutta and learned to cook from her mother and aunt before moving to New York and ultimately pursuing her cooking teaching dreams. In 2012 she opened her school out of her Prospect Park apartment and today she’s one of the top Indian cuisine experts in the city. In her Classic Chicken Tikka Masala class you’ll learn everything you’ll need to make this classic Indian dish, along with a few complementary items including an amazing vegetable curry called Aloo Gobi. Students will cook together and are welcome to bring a notebook to write down as many details as they need to ensure they can go home able to replicate the recipes exactly, and when all the hard “work” is done you’ll get to enjoy your meal and some great conversation right in the comfort of Mukti’s dining room.

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Vegan Ice Cream Making (Non-Dairy)

Creme and Cocoa Creamery
Lefferts Garden, Brooklyn

It seems like vegan ice cream has taken the world by storm, and in the process surprised us all as it turns out vegan ice cream is every bit as delicious as its milk-requiring competition. Creme & Cocoa, a family owned shop out of Lefferts Garden, specializes in Carribean based, small-batch ice cream flavors. Though they certainly have their game down for their dairy friendly products, their vegan ice cream doesn’t fall short of expectations. In their Vegan Ice Cream Making class you’ll learn the fundamentals of making non-dairy ice cream through three of your own inspired creations, using coconut or almond milk as a supplement. In the end, you’ll get to go home with a few bags of ice cream which will leave you prepared for many a Netflix & couch ready evening, but more importantly you’ll leave with the ability to make vegan ice cream whenever the urge might creep up on you.

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Sushi Heart

Wontons & Dumplings

Brooklyn Brainery
Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

Easily one of the coolest spots in Brooklyn, Brooklyn Brainery offers a wide variety of classes and workshops for those who appreciate the finer art of “hands-on-do-everything-yourself.” From painting to project management, they bring some of the best instructors in New York to their Prospect Heights location for a rotating array of incredibly insightful educational experiences. In this two hour class you’ll learn the art of wrapping & pan frying both pork and spinach Chinese style wontons and dumplings. After you’re done cooking everything, Brooklyn Brainery will break out the wine and you’ll enjoy your perfectly crispy creations, then get to leave content knowing you’ll be able to reproduce them at home.

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Women baking Cupcakes


Cook Space
Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

The idea for Cook Space was born from owner Michelle Mannix’s former venture, Ted & Honey Cafe, a former Cobble Hill hot spot with a forte for egg sandwiches. They stress an open and playful environment, exploring food through the lens of what you have and what’s in season, with an emphasis on knowing how to use recipes as a reference vs. a step by step solution. With one of the most beautiful kitchen/classroom spaces we’ve seen in all of NYC, Cook Space delivers some seriously delightful culinary group classes. For those looking for a truly unique experience, the Market-To-Table class is the place to be. You’ll first head out to the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket and pick out some ingredients you’re interested in, then head back to the studio for a creative and spontaneous approach to designing a menu and cooking based on what ingredients were selected. This is one class that’s guaranteed to broaden your kitchen-oriented horizons from start to end.

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