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I graduated from Stanford University with a liberal arts major called "Science, Technology & Society" and absolutely no idea of what to do with my life or how I was going to find a job. Fast forward 5 years, I have built a fulfilling career as a UX Designer and Video Producer, and am passionate about helping other newcomers navigate Step 1 of their tech careers. I also have a Youtube channel called Womanly State of Mind, where I make videos to empower young women to become independent adults.

As an instructor at General Assembly, I believe in everyone's potential. Everyone can become a rockstar at something with the right resources, support, and network. I absolutely love teaching, so it is my pleasure to support you in your journey!

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Sketch App Bootcamp

Deirdre M.

Attended: Sketch App Bootcamp

I've already provided feedback about the course. My main issue is that there was not enough of a foundation of how the pieces interact from a foundational understanding of the software. It's a different way of thinking -- layers, etc. It's kind of like being used to playing chess traditionally but now being asked to play on three levels of boards that all interact. Yes, I have some good basic skills but I still feel I'll need to purchase a book and/or use more online tutorials to truly understand it. The other issue I had was that we were not told ahead of time of all the software we needed to have available. All we were told is that we needed to download the most recent version of Sketch. Nothing was said about Craft or InVision. As I was not using my own computer, I did not have permission to add the additional software and thus did not get to experience or understand the interaction of Sketch with either of these softwares. Finally, when we were paired with another individual, the person with whom I was paired was easily several steps behind and so we never even got to the place where we could connect everything. I was never able to complete the project even by myself because I missed so much of whatever was said in also trying to help my classmate. I think the solution is to not try to stuff everything into one day. I think that if were able to do this class over two days or even a day and a half with homework at night, there'd be a better understanding of how everything works and fits together.

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