Julian Bongiorno

Teaches at General Assembly

Julian is an amalgamation of Long Island, Portland, Phoenix, Manhattan, Europe, and Chicago lifestyles. He knows the highs and lows of an Ivy League engineering degree, growing up as a college-bound athlete, Chicago winters, living out of a backpack, and getting table service in NYC clubs. He has coached over 40 product design teams from inception to launch and led 100+ hours of design thinking workshops across the country. He has worked with from people of all types and backgrounds: from teenagers experiencing homelessness to C-level hospital administrators. He is effective at condensing the design process and communicating it so it is easily practiced and learned from by anyone. His future is aimed at entrepreneurship where he will continue to practice design strategy, lean methodology, design thinking, and the execution on implementing the innovative ideas of his team(s). He is currently interested in making the art of up-and-coming artists more accessible to homeowners and renters. He prefers to lead workshops in his socks and believes the best outcomes are the result of people showing up ready to have fun and think of the most odd ideas possible!

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