Jared Lander

Teaches at Scott's Pizza Tours

Jared’s love for numbers and pizza should have been apparent as early as the age of 6 during his weekly visits to Pizza Perfect in Nashville where they let him work the cash register after his meal, under close supervision of course. Since then the combination has bordered on the obsessive, culminating in a statistics masters thesis about pizza which was featured on Slice and Midtown Lunch.

His passion for both pizza and data made him a natural fit for the Scott’s Pizza Tour team.

His normal jobs—if they can be called that—are running a data science consulting business, teaching statistics at Columbia University, promoting his new book about statistics and running a large meetup about statistics. Notice a theme?

Jared has been able to further combine data and pizza by holding monthly polls about the different pizzas he orders for the meetups. Ask him about the results on your next tour!

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