Joe Garreffa

Teaches at Scott's Pizza Tours

At the age of ten Joe bought his first pizza dough ball at Silvio’s Italian Market in Detroit, Michigan and immediately proceeded to transform it into an incredible mess. In an effort to improve his skills, Joe began a long history of pizzeria employment at the tender age of 12 with a gig at Amico’s Pizzeria, right down the street from where he grew up. His tasks included cutting pepperoni, shredding mozzarella cheese and even making a few actual pizzas in the deck ovens for his family. He continued his pizza education with positions at Papa Romano’s Pizza, Dominoês Pizza, and a brief stint at Hungry Howie’s Pizza _ constantly absorbing the dos and don’ts of pizza engineering. Joe delved deep into Midwestern pizza culture with a move to Chicago, where he worked at the famed Lou Malnati’s.

A true pizza fiend, Joe tracks down the best pizza spots in every city he visits. Although he does not have a favorite, Joe fondly remembers the Friday afternoons his father would give him $5 to rent a movie and get two thick slices of Detroit Style pizza from Jets Pizza in Detroit. But as long as a pizza has been made with love, he’s in!

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