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BKC is a photo, video and creative education center located in the heart of Dumbo, Brooklyn.  Our basic philosophy is simple: cut the crap.  We’re founded upon the idea of learning by doing, whether it's hands-on classes in studio lighting, a workshop on shooting HD Video for Youtube, unleashing the potential of Lightroom or just how to use your DSLR, our smart and simple approach and awesome teachers will help you learn something new, build on your creativity, and expand your goals. 

The BKC team of experienced educators, artists, curators and creative professionals is totally dedicated to providing you with smart, no-nonsense instruction and creating an encouraging environment for everyday New Yorkers to learn a skill, confidently progress in their practice, or unearth a hidden talent.   We keep classes at a price you can afford, and offer plenty of nights and weekend sessions for working folks.  

Reviews of BKC Brooklyn Central

(257 Reviews)

joan s.

Attended: Crash Course: Camera Basics

Sara was wonderful entertaining, informative and most important PATIENT

Jodi L.

Attended: Digital Photography II: Intermediate

Gave me exactly what I was looking for to get familiar again with controlling my camera, and expanding my skills and knowledge at how to take advantage of the tools to improve the quality of my photos. And it got me excited again about just getting out and taking photos to try different things, look for different subjects and presentations in my shots. I would have liked more critique about the photos themselves and how to improve them and achieve what I was trying to capture. I got the technique support, but toward the end of the sessions I was hoping for more feedback on the images themselves and how to improve at the craft.


Attended: Crash Course: Camera Basics

Really interesting and a nice teacher

Gina M.

Attended: Digital Photography II: Intermediate

Loved everything about this class! Digital Photo II was a great experience but you definitely need to take digital photo I first to get the full understanding of everything. I really hope BKC is working on a digital photo III class cause I'd be the first to sign up!


Attended: The Analog Film Lab

Instructor was super relaxed & class good for someone who wants a quick course in film photography

Maisha M.

Attended: Crash Course: Camera Basics

This class was just what I needed to get a better understanding of my camera. The teacher was very knowledgeable and made the class fun. Looking forward to taking more classes in the future.

Erich B.

Attended: 1 Day Workout: Composition Tune-Up

This was a very enjoyable class with a knowledgeable instructor. I learned a lot about the camera and composition. I've read many books on this subject but having a professional photographer provide instant feedback on the work of many students was a great learning experience.

Paul L.

Attended: Crash Course: Camera Basics

This class was everything I expected it to be. I came out knowing the basics of how to shoot a photo manually. This gave me the confidence I needed to get out and start taking photos without the auto on!


Attended: Crash Course: Camera Basics

The teacher is very nice

Janet F.

Attended: Crash Course: Camera Basics

I finally understand cameras! This class gave me the basics to launch into taking pictures , better pictures, with my new digital camera!

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