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Self Improvement Classes Coming up in New York

Full Moon Circles

at New York Open Center - Flatiron
22 E 30th St, New York, New York 10016

The full moon has long been a source of great power and mystery. Beautifully illuminating the night sky, our closest celestial neighbor gives us the opportunity to set positive intentions and initiate balance in mind, body, and spirit. It is an ideal time of the month to manifest change. As we create sacred space, we foster inner awakening and renewal. ...

The Creativity Workshop

at The Creativity Workshop - Midtown
249 W 60th, New York, New York 10023

Learn practical techniques to stimulate your creativity and imagination, and get in touch with the innate creativity you already have. This workshop will help you become more creative in your personal and professional life. The creativity training that the class provides uses the tools of creative writing, memoir, art, photography, storytelling,...


4 sessions

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The New York Bliss Marriage Seminar

at Aish Seminars - Murray Hill
26 E 36th St, New York, New York 10016

Note: This is a class meant for couples, please purchase two tickets. With over 10 years and thousands of participants, the BLISS Relationship Seminar is by far one of the most popular marriage program in the region. It's an incredibly entertaining way to a winning relationship. One of the first things you will be amazed to learn is not only...


7 sessions

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at Ariel & Shya Kane - Hell's Kitchen
725 10th Ave Penthouse Ballroom, New York, New York 10019

Most of us are looking for a depth of intimacy and personal satisfaction in all of our interactions. It is just that we have never really been taught how to access this state of harmony and well-being. When you discover how to be present in every day moments, as if each and everything you do matters, then you begin to experience the simplicity and...


3 sessions

Friday Jun 8th, 7pm

Social Anxiety Support Workshop

at Public Speaking Center of NY - Upper West Side
131 W 72nd St, New York, New York 10023

 Overcome shyness and gain confidence in interpersonal interaction in this ongoing 10-session program. You will become a more skilled and confident communicator in all areas of life. There is hope, and we can definitely provide the help in a comfortable, supportive environment.   Our workshop is focused on results.  Discussion of social...


10 sessions

Life Vision & Goal-Setting

at Be Social Change - Chelsea
601 W 26th St Suite 325, New York, New York 10001

Full Course Name: Life Vision & Goal-Setting: Designing a Life Filled with Intention, Clarity, and Happiness What do you want to achieve in your life?  What adventures do you want to go on?  What experiences do you want to bring into the New Year?  More importantly, what do you want your life to look like a year from now so you...

Tuesday May 29th, 6:45pm

Other dates (2)

PTEC Fitness Program

at PTEC Fitness - Midtown East
1109 2nd Ave, New York, New York 10022

PTEC Fitness is a hands-on experience where trainers can learn the principles and best practices of being a personal trainer, not only in theory but also out on the gym floor. Learn how to move correctly and cue clients to get the best results. All instructors have been successful in building a results oriented personal training business. This experience...


18 sessions

UnHumble: How to Stop Playing Small and Be a Badass

at Brooklyn Brainery - Prospect Heights
190 Underhill Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11238

Have you accomplished something amazing lately and you feel like you can’t share the happiness fully? Or maybe you find yourself playing small, taking risks that aren’t making an impact on your personal and professional life? Are you happy with the level of confidence you feel and exude? Women today tend to qualify accomplishments...

Thursday May 24th, 6:30pm

Enneagram Workshop, with a Meal

Special School Offer!
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at Bhagavat Life - East Village
25 1st Ave 5th Fl, New York, New York 10003

To work effectively in the different contexts of life, you have to see your blind spots clearly because what you don’t see is still affecting your decisions and the people around you. If you don’t see your blind spots, you’ll act on your insecurities, which only increases the stress and pain. When you understand yourself deeply, you can ride...

Shorinji Kempo for Adults

at Shorinji Kempo NYC - Lower East Side
64 E 4th St 3rd Fl, New York, New York 10003

You will learn the Shorinji Kempo techniques that are rationally designed to exploit the principles of body mechanics, physiology, and psychology so that anyone can do them. Shorinji Kempo is a method of self-defense that anyone, regardless of gender or age, can learn. The syllabus of Shorinji Kempo is divided into two main parts: Goho (hard system)...


4 sessions

Saturday Jun 2nd, 10am

Other dates (4)

GMAT Weekend Intensive Course

at MLI Consulting - Murray Hill
118 E40 St, New York, New York 10016

MLIC GMAT prep in New York is the best, structured GMAT training backed by industry-unique 620+ Score Guarantee. All MLIC GMAT prep courses in New York City and elsewhere are backed by 620+ or 80th percentile Score guarantee, whichever is greater.You need to validate the GMAT Score Guarantee by completing the 50-hour long...


3 sessions

Friday May 25th, 5pm

Other dates (10)

From Anger to Equanimity

at New York Open Center - Flatiron
22 E 30th St, New York, New York 10016

Full Course Name: From Anger to Equanimity: How to Transform Anger Into a Positive Force for Personal Growth Moshe Ratson’s method of transforming anger radically alters the way we think about anger and builds on the premise that anger has positive value which can be used for personal growth.  In this course, he draws from the best practices...


4 sessions

Monday Jun 4th, 5:45pm

Floor Class

at Balance Arts Center - Flatiron
34 West 28th St 3rd Fl, New York, New York 10001

Is to present movement through the lens of the Alexander Technique. She has combined her knowledge and experience of the Alexander Technique, Bartenieff Fundamentals, Feldenkrais, Yoga and various dance techniques in creating this class. Work with the whole body coordination to find your balance and center through an extended session on the floor....

Hypnosis 90 Minute Presentation

at The NLP Center of New York - Chelsea
135 West 29th St Ste 1104, New York, New York 10001

Ericksonian Hypnosis is not about stage hypnosis or tricks. It is about healing and well being. With hypnosis you are developing a deep sense of flow, relaxation and centeredness. At our hypnosis preview we invite participants to bring their questions about hypnosis as well as a openness to explore yourself and how the mind works.  The NLP Center...

Monday Jun 4th, 7pm

How to Become Successful with Women

at Craft of Charisma - Midtown
520 8th Ave 16th Fl, New York, New York 10018

In this workshop, we will introduce you to the essential foundations you’ll need to learn if you’re serious about having a successful dating and sex life. Some of the things that we’ll cover in this workshop include: How to get more dates What women desire in a man How to create an emotional connection with a woman so that she’ll...

Thursday May 31st, 7pm