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Questioning Evil

at Think Olio - Greenwich Village
828 Broadway, New York, New York 10003

When we try to describe, understand and respond to various atrocities such as rapes, genocides, or serial killings, we often use the word "evil". But a wide range of questions arise when we try to think critically about this term. What happens when we qualify an action or someone as being evil? What causes this moral judgment, and what effects may...

Friday Nov 2nd, 7pm

A World Beyond PC

at Think Olio - Ridgewood
56-06 Cooper Ave, New York, New York 11385

In the recent political climate, the use (or misuse) of language has been an issue at the forefront of public discourse and within social movements. Most specifically, this Olio will explore the following: How does a fear of language hold us back from addressing the critical social justice issues that surround us? How does the cultivation of a PC culture...

Wednesday Nov 7th, 7pm

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Happier Hour: Philosophy To Make Your Life Suck Less

at Caveat - Lower East Side
21-A Clinton St, New York, New York 10002

The Happier Hour is a monthly event series bringing philosophy out of the ivory tower of academia and into our modern day agora: the bar. It’s like the self-help section– only way funnier, smarter, and with booze. And now it’s a podcast too! 

Saturday Nov 3rd, 3:30pm

Other dates (2)

Roland Barthes: Beyond Interpretation

at Brooklyn Institute for Social Research - Brooklyn
558 St. Johns Place, Brooklyn, New York 11238

This course—an introduction to the thought of the French philosopher, literary theorist, linguist, and semiotician—asks how Barthes, who began his intellectual life as a committed disenchanter, evolved from architect of structuralist demystification to theorist of the scintillant, a field of investigation that encompassed questions of affect including...


4 sessions

Monday Nov 12th, 6:30pm

Philosophical Skepticism: Doubt, Evidence, Justified

at Brooklyn Institute for Social Research - Gramercy
30 Irving Pl, New York, New York 10003

Philosophical Skepticism: Doubt, Evidence, Justified Belief How is it that human beings, despite the fallibility of their senses and the limitations inherent in their individual subjective perspectives, can nevertheless manage to achieve knowledge of what objective reality is like, both in ordinary language and, better yet, in scientific discourse?...


4 sessions

Monday Nov 12th, 6:30pm

How Markets Fail and Why It Matters

at Think Olio - Ridgewood
56-06 Cooper Ave, New York, New York 11385

Our market economy produces trillions of dollars in wealth and provides us with ever more stuff. We are richer than any humans that have come before, and by many measures, life has never been better. In other words, the market system generally works. But periodically markets fail, and when they do the results can be catastrophic. In this Olio we will...

Wednesday Nov 28th, 7:30pm

Continuum Movement® Moving Medicine

at New York Open Center - Flatiron
22 E 30th St, New York, New York 10016

Movement as a mindful exercise is gaining more and more attention as an important part of creating and maintaining health. It is being researched in the psychology field for treatment of trauma and is associated with improvements in psychological well-being, including reducing stress, anxiety, depression and mood disturbance, as well as increased self-esteem....


2 sessions

Saturday Nov 10th, 10am

Dance Your Way to Revolution

at Archive on Parade - Greenwich Village
125 E 11th St, New York, New York 10003

The Anarchist Emma Goldman said, “If I can’t dance to it, it’s not my revolution.” Kick up your heels and join us for a tour of the neighborhood that shaped her freewheeling philosophy. As we wind our way between 14th Street and Houston Street, we’ll uncover the area’s rebellious past. Along the way, we’ll meet the Rebel Girl and the...

Caring for your Newborn Grandchild

at 92nd Street Y - Upper East Side
1395 Lexington Ave, New York, New York 10128

For Grandparents Only A practical, hands on workshop covering all aspects of caring for a newborn, with an emphasis on today’s philosophy and techniques. From what’s changed since your children were babies to modern ideas of feeding, and sleeping, this is an essential class for any grandparent who’ll be spending time with a newborn baby. One...

Tuesday Nov 13th, 10:30am

Weekend Intensive Childbirth Education

at Birth Day Presence - Park Slope
182 8th Ave Parlor Fl, Brooklyn, New York 11215

In this weekend intensive, mothers will learn and be prepared with the birth of their child with confidence and relaxation. This childbirth preparation class is designed to offer couples a well-rounded, accessible curriculum. As doulas and childbirth educators, we have assisted thousands of couples through a very wide range of birth choices and...


2 sessions

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An Introduction to the Tarot

at New York Open Center - Flatiron
22 E 30th St, New York, New York 10016

The tarot is a powerful symbolic system whose images express mystical ideas from the Platonic, Pythagorean, and Hermetic traditions. Once one grasps the tarot’s philosophy and structure, the cards can be used as an intuitive device to connect with one’s inner wisdom.  In this class we will study the symbolism of the tarot as its Italian Renaissance...


3 sessions

Wednesday Nov 14th, 6pm

Core Mat I- Regular

at Power Pilates - Midtown East
920 3rd Ave 6th Fl, New York, New York 10022

The Core Mat I program is the foundation of the school method. Each subsequent program builds upon the information learned during this course. During this weekend you will learn to teach the 18 beginner level mat exercises and be introduced to school teaching tools, philosophy, and teaching formula.  Every student new to school must start with...


3 sessions

Friday Nov 2nd, 4pm

The Shaman’s Mind

at One Spirit Learning Alliance - Midtown
247 W 36th St 6th Fl, New York, New York 10018

Transform your life with Ancient Hawaiian Wisdom To think like a shaman is to align with a magical spectrum of possibilities that is available to us in any given moment. If we like what is happening, we can make it even better. And if we don’t, we can change it. Anything is possible. And Huna, the ancient esoteric philosophy of Hawaii, will teach...

Saturday Oct 27th, 9:30am

A Contemporary Introduction to the Frankfurt School

at Brooklyn Institute for Social Research - Gramercy
30 Irving Pl, New York, New York 10003

In 1930, Max Horkheimer became the director of the Institute for Social Research in Frankfurt, Germany. Along with his colleagues and a broader orbit of external scholars, he inaugurated the first wave of what came to be called “critical theory.” This course is an introduction to some of the key works and concepts of the Frankfurt School, including...


4 sessions

Monday Nov 12th, 6:30pm

Reiki Level 1 Workshop: Self Healing Mastery Program

at Love & Compassion Soul Oasis Center - Murray Hill
124 E 40th St 12 Fl, Ste PH, New York, New York 10016

Our healing training programs begin with self-healing mastery. We believe learning about the self and overcoming challenges helps you gain the capacity to assist others. When you learn to heal yourself, you are ready to share your healing experiences with others. This workshop includes Usui Reiki Attunement Level 1. It is open to beginners as well...


2 sessions

Saturday Nov 17th, 10am