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German Classes Coming up in New York

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German 1: Beginner Deal

German 1: Beginner

at City Speakeasy -

Our beginner class is best suited for those who are brand new to German, or who have studied in the past but need to brush up their skills. By completing this course: you will learn how to introduce yourself describe your family and friends ask for directions express your likes and dislikes confidently order at your favorite German restaurant...

Tuesday Dec 14th, 7pm - 9pm Eastern Time

  (8 sessions)

8 sessions

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Private German Lessons

at ABC Languages

Hallo und willkommen! Whether you are looking for one-on-one lessons or want to form a group with friends and family, ABC Languages customized program is a great way to build your German skills with lessons designed just for you! Our team of language experts will match you with one of our professional German instructors who will craft a curriculum...

Monday Dec 13th, 12pm - 12pm Eastern Time

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Intro German Crash Course

at ABC Languages - Online Online Classroom, New York, New York 00000

Hallo und wilkommen! Our Intro to German Crash Course is the perfect way to get a taste of the German language and kickstart your learning. In this 90-minute class, we will cover some basic vocabulary and phrases and help you get a feel for the language. A great way learn something new and test the waters to see if German is for you!...

Wednesday Jan 19th, 6pm - 7:30pm Eastern Time

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German Intermediate 2

at ABC Languages - Online Online Classroom, New York, New York 00000

Hallo und wilkommen! GERMAN INTERMEDIATE 2: If you have a solid foundation in the indicative tenses and all case declensions for nouns and you are familiar with the subjunctive and adjectival declensions but need more practice in conversation, this level is for you! ABOUT OUR CLASSES: Our German group classes meet online once a week for 1.5 hours....

No upcoming schedules

German A1 Adults Trial

at JacobiTeacher - Online 00000

This course caters to absolute beginners that have no experience at learning German. Participants need access to a computer with a camera and a microphone. All language learning material is included.

No upcoming schedules

6 sessions

German Conversation Practice Group

at ABC Languages - Chelsea 146 W 29th St 6th Fl, Ste 6E, New York, New York 10001

Hallo! This class is for people who want to practice their conversational German. We'll have an instructor, a classroom to ourselves, and a mix of speakers of all levels. You’ll have a chance to practice with other learners, and an instructor will facilitate the session by answering questions and keeping the conversation going. Recommended for Intermediate...

No upcoming schedules

German - Level 3

at Fluent City - Online Online Classroom, Online, New York 00000

We all want to live life in the present—but sometimes we need to talk about the past. German 3 is for those who are already confident using the nominative and accusative cases. You’ll also get an intro to the fun stuff: various forms of slang that’ll make you sound like a native. KNOW BEFORE YOU GO Start here if you’ve already completed German...

No upcoming schedules

10 sessions

German - Level 4

at Fluent City - Online Online Classroom, Online, New York 00000

Level 4 are starting to understand how the major verb tenses work, are adding to their growing vocabulary, and are ready to gain confidence when speaking and using several different verb tenses. The course covers verbs in all tenses (particularly both past tenses), active and passive voice, and indicative, imperative, and subjunctive mood; all cases...

No upcoming schedules

10 sessions

German: Intermediate - Online

at Bronxville Adult School -

In this course, you will deepen your knowledge of German and enhance your speaking skills. Each week we'll converse about a different topic — introduced by a short text, video, or audio. The goal: to enhance your fluency and solidify your understanding of some of German's tricky grammar points such as the four cases and the conversational past tense....

No upcoming schedules

8 sessions

German Intermediate 1.1

at ABC Languages - Online Online Classroom, New York, New York 00000

Hallo und wilkommen! These classes are currently meeting online. Join us! GERMAN INTERMEDIATE 1: If you have a solid foundation in the present and past tenses, the case declensions for nouns but need to work on adjectival declensions and the subjunctive, this level is for you!  HOW TO JOIN A CLASS: We have a rolling admission policy which means,...

No upcoming schedules

German: Beginner

at Bronxville Adult School -

Willkommen! You may have heard that German is a hard language to learn. Come find out otherwise in this class for students with little or no background in German. You will learn to converse on everyday topics, to understand basic spoken and written German, and to write short texts of your own. Please be sure to register by the day before the class...

No upcoming schedules

8 sessions

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Advanced Yiddish

at 92nd Street Y - Upper East Side 1395 Lexington Ave, New York, New York 10128

Focus on fluency and the ability to communicate in this class, and learn more advanced idioms, grammar, vocabulary and songs. Class includes advanced-level readings and is conducted in Yiddish. Intended for students who have completed Intermediate Yiddish II or the equivalent.

No upcoming schedules

10 sessions

Cultural Talk: Why Germans Are Very Direct

at JacobiTeacher - Financial District 200 Broadway 3rd Fl, New York, New York 10038

Cultural Talk: Why Germans are very direct - Basics about the German language Participants get an introduction to the basics of German language pronunciation. We will discuss why Germans use language in a more direct way, and US Americans do not. The event will be in English. Light snacks will be provided!

No upcoming schedules

German 1 Fundamentals (Private)

at Hyperfluent -

In this course you will be able to introduce yourself in German, including greetings, describe your friends and family, hobbies, directions, and time. You will be able to read, write, and pronounce in German. Additionally, you will be able to order food when eating out, talk about the weather, your daily routine, and shopping. This session will also...

No upcoming schedules

German 2 Fundamentals (Private)

at Hyperfluent -

Our German Fundamentals 2 will take you from "Ich komme aus Kolombien" to being able to talk about what you would like to do in Switzerland next summer, have a short conversation about what you like about Oktoberfest, and talk about how you wish you had started learning German months ago! A free 10 minute consultation is scheduled to assess the...

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