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Our studio space gives makers the opportunity to bring ideas to life. We provide classes for creatives by creatives.While working with some of the brightest minds in Brooklyn, we’ve created a studio space that provides room to put our ambitions into action.
Our artists teach classes on woodworking, jewelry design, metal fabrication, and many other skills.

Each hands-on experience gives you the freedom to explore a new passion, create something of your own, and join our community of makers and creators.

Our classes run from  2-4.5 hours and are taught by experienced makers that live in thrive in Brooklyn.  Our small class sizes allow for you to vibe and network with other makers in the studio. Our studio space is an open and fully-equipped environment that gives you the space and resources to build a personal project, put a Kickstarter into action, or simply find a new passion. 

We envision bringing creatives together in an environment that is inspirational, fun, and supportive.

Reviews of Craftsman Ave

(175 Reviews)

Jeanne B.

Attended: Build a Copper Lamp

The teacher was very engaging, gave us all individual attention, carefully explained the steps, and repeated them when necessary. He made the class fun and informative!


Attended: Introduction to Modern Woodworking

Had a great time. Excellent teacher. George was great, very informative, good-spirited and helpful.

Dustin M.

Attended: Introduction to Metal Fabrication

Overall it was pretty fun and informative but it's 4 hours that could be done in 2. Most of the time 4 out of 6 people have to just sit around waiting to use equipment since there is only 1 of each piece of machinery.

Lindsey K.

Attended: Introduction to Metal Fabrication

The class was fantastic, very hands-on. As other reviews said, it did get a bit bottlenecked for the welding and blowtorch stations, but very informative and fun, all the same.


Attended: Introduction to Modern Woodworking

The teacher was an hour late and smelled of alcohol when he arrived. The class went over by two hours.

Roberto S.

Attended: Design & Build a Speaker

I had a ton of fun at the class. Taras (the teacher) was great in helping us explore our ideas both in terms of design and production; in particular I liked the way Taras pointed each one of us to the proper techniques and tools to go from the sketch to the real object. The speaker is now proudly seating on my shelf, it works like a charm.


Attended: Introduction to Modern Woodworking

It was an ok class. Everyone's stool came out pretty good. Got a chance to use some tools i had never used before. The guy teaching the class gave us a few reasons to raise our eyebrows though- he smelled of alcohol and admitted to having slept only a few hours and some of the information he gave us re: wood cuts was incorrect

Carlos R.

Attended: Build a Copper Lamp

Great class! And instructor was very helpful and accommodating. Walked out with a beautiful lamp, and the skills to make more. Only suggestion would be to let future attendees know that they can come up with their own design ahead of the class, thereby being able to save some time and take advantage of the materials and time provided.

Raleigh C.

Attended: Introduction to Welding

In 3hr I think I got about 30minutes of training. There was only one welding machine available for 7 students. The teacher was very nice, but essentially would do a one-on-one session with each person while the others stood and watched. There has to be a better way. Maybe he could have given us something else to do like metal shaping or finishing while he instructed others in the welding machine.


Attended: Introduction to Modern Woodworking

This class was great and the stool is very useful in my kitchen. Our instructor was really helpful every step of the way. He's very passionate about woodworking and listening to some of his stories made the experience that much better. Our class went a little late because of the amount of people, so I wouldn't make plans directly afterwards. I would definitely recommend this to anyone interested in learning a new skill.

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117B 11th St, Brooklyn, New York 11215
Craftsman Ave
Gowanus, Brooklyn
117B 11th St
Btwn 2nd & 3rd Avenues
Brooklyn, New York 11215

Take the F, G or R train to 4 Av – 9st station. Or a short cab ride via Battery Tunnel from Manhattan.

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Tuesday Mar 27th, 7pm

Introduction to Metal Fabrication
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Thursday Mar 29th, 6pm

Introduction to Knife Making
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Sunday Apr 8th, 1pm

Build a Copper Lamp
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Wednesday Apr 11th, 6pm

Intro to 3D Modeling: Digitally Design A Ring
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Monday Apr 16th, 6:30pm