Craftsman Ave

Gowanus, Brooklyn, New York
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Our studio space gives makers the opportunity to bring ideas to life. We provide classes for creatives by creatives.While working with some of the brightest minds in Brooklyn, we’ve created a studio space that provides room to put our ambitions into action.
Our artists teach classes on woodworking, jewelry design, metal fabrication, and many other skills.

Each hands-on experience gives you the freedom to explore a new passion, create something of your own, and join our community of makers and creators.

Our classes run from  2-4.5 hours and are taught by experienced makers that live in thrive in Brooklyn.  Our small class sizes allow for you to vibe and network with other makers in the studio. Our studio space is an open and fully-equipped environment that gives you the space and resources to build a personal project, put a Kickstarter into action, or simply find a new passion. 

We envision bringing creatives together in an environment that is inspirational, fun, and supportive.

Reviews of Craftsman Ave

(154 Reviews)


Attended: Introduction to Metal Fabrication

Liam was a great instructor, but the class was too big for the resources in the space. The woodworking was an afterthought, and we only did a very small amount of welding.

Cidney F.

Attended: Introduction to Modern Woodworking

This class was great - the instructor was extremely knowledgeable and paid close attention to each student so that everyone felt comfortable learning each tool and performing each task. Felt incredibly accomplished with my little stool at the end!

Yuki I.

Attended: Introduction to Modern Woodworking

I learned so much in this class, not only some historical background on certain woodworking techniques, but also getting a healthy education on modern woodworking tools and techniques. I learned a healthy respect for the modern woodworking powertools, but also confidence to be able to use them safely. Plus, I went home with a very useable footstool! One star less than perfect for the organization of the class (the day of got a notice that the class would start ~1hr45min later than start time, then class started closer to 2p, and then ended about 45mins later than the initial estimate of being a 3-hour class), but the knowledge learned in the class was great!

Giovana P.

Attended: Introduction to Jewelry Making

I loved! Did a ring in 3 hours!! Was awesome

Suzanne N.

Attended: Introduction to Modern Woodworking

The class was great. I love my stool. FYI, 3 hours was not enough time. We went longer.

Joel W.

Attended: Introduction to Modern Woodworking

Kevin was very knowledgeable and helpful. He had a lot of stories which kept things interesting but it ended up making it a pretty long class. I didn’t mind that much since it was super interesting, but definitely plan on eating lunch before this course! The little step stool I made will be useful too.

Shamima H.

Attended: Introduction to Welding

Very nice! Great instructor!

Kelvin G.

Attended: Introduction to Jewelry Making

Great class! Loved the way my ring came out.


Attended: Introduction to Modern Woodworking

The intro to woodworking class was pretty cool. There were 6 students total, so we each had enough time to practice working the various machinery, and I like the stool that I brought home! The only downside was that the class ran over by an hour, which totally affected my plans for the rest of the day. I would have appreciated if the class time had been advertised as such, or if we worked on a project that would have taken less time, or if there was a disclaimer that warned us that there could be a delay (I had accounted for an extra half hour, but that wasn't enough!) I also wish we had enough time to finish the stool more rather than keep it in its raw pine form.

Hannah M.

Attended: Introduction to Modern Woodworking

Enjoyed a lot. Getting basic skillls and knowledge about wood working. I got to use different types of tools used in wood working and love the final outcome of class.

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