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Midtown, New York, New York
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City Speakeasy provides culturally immersive, group foreign language classes for adults in NYC.

If you're serious about learning a new language and don't want to repeat your old boring high school language class, study from a book or talk to yourself in front of a computer, then City Speakeasy is the perfect language school for you!  Our classes are  exciting and most importantly, massively efficient!  You WILL learn the language with City Speakeasy!

So why City Speakeasy? 

Because we're going to teach you everything that you would learn in any other foreign language class, but enhance and speed up your language development with a real life, immersive and hands on approach.

Our curriculum has been designed to be as efficient, exciting and relatable as possible so you will be speaking the language in your everyday life!.  Your in-class lessons teach you the necessary fundamentals, grammar and structure that you need to speak, read and write, while the "immersion event" enhances your learning by creating environments that allow you to learn faster through action! 

Depending on your selected language level, your "immersion event" may be a wine tasting, cooking class, dining out and more! By using your language in the real world, you will dramatically shorten your learning curve, dramatically increase your retention and breakdown any social anxiety!

Here's how it works and here's what you're going to get!

Our 10 week semester meets on the same day every week from 7-9pm. Your course will offer 9 highly efficient and culturally educational in class lessons to build a strong foundation of the language as well as 1 out of class "Immersion Event".   These "Immersion events" take place on the same day at the same time as your regularly scheduled class and are included in your initial enrollment payment.  There is no better way to learn a language than using it in a controlled, teacher led, real world environment with your peers!

With the City Speakeasy culturally immersive teaching system you will meet new, fun people just like you all striving to become fluent in a foreign language, explore New York City and experience the new, most effective way to learn your next foreign language.  Come join us and let's get started!

Reviews of City Speakeasy

(40 Reviews)

Lydia Y.

Attended: German Beginner: Immersive Language Lessons

Great fun! Emily's awesome.

Robert O.

Attended: French Beginner: Immersive Language Lessons

This course was such a pleasure that I looked forward to it each week. I've never had any ability with languages--and was terrified--but this class had me speaking in French right away. The class was small (between 4-6 people each week), which made it very personal. In class we spent time answering questions in French, conversing together, reviewing homework, learning new lessons, and practicing reading comprehension and pronunciation. The instructor, Gregory Rittiner, is smart and funny and an excellent teacher. Il est un professeur merveilleux! Each week he found new ways to get us speaking and practicing what we'd studied, which kept the classes interesting. He supplemented the textbook with additional handouts, including songs and poems, and he made every class lively and fun. There were a lot of laughs. A LOT. But he also challenged us and kept us focussed and on-task. I highly recommend this class and this instructor. J'adore cette classe.


Attended: Italian Intermediate: Immersive Language Lessons

Really fun class with a great group of people!

Lindsey M.

Attended: Free Trial French Lesson

This class was the perfect introductory! Linda was so great and I had a very good time. So much so I ended up signing up for the 10 week beginner course. Can't wait to start on Monday!


Attended: Free Trial Spanish Lesson

The teacher was very organized , as well as personable. His class would be well worth taking.

Laura B.

Attended: Free Trial French Lesson

This class took place on 02/02/2017 and was taught by William. This was a fun class. It seems like a very friendly school and is decorated nicely. I wound up signing up for French 1 with the school and am excited for classes to start.

Brenny A.

Attended: Italian Beginner: Immersive Language Lessons

Great school! conveniently located close to Penn station. My teacher was fantastic and really made the class fun. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn another language.

Abby M.

Attended: Italian Beginner: Immersive Language Lessons

My husband and I took this class to help with future travels to Italy. The class was interactive and we are now more confident in our verb conjugation. We feel like we got a good foundation that we can build off of in the future. We'll be more confident next time we travel to Italy.

Deborah T.

Attended: Spanish Beginner: Immersive Language Lessons

Went for all ten weeks of Spanish classes with Ashley at City Speakeasy, and it was incredible! Ashley is a fantastic teacher, very warm and welcoming. I did a semester of Spanish way back when so it was a great refresher, but I'm sure it'll be a good beginner course too. I liked that there was more emphasis on conversation, and great use of external tools such as songs and videos. 5 stars for sure!


Attended: Spanish Beginner: Immersive Language Lessons

The class was great.

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